48 Water Exercises for Aqua Circuit

Wednesday, April 05 2023

Take your aquatic fitness class members on a crazy roller coaster ride through 48 different water exercises.  Crazy Circuits with Cindy Vance-Brossman features 8 themed blocks and each include six unique exercises performed for 30 seconds work and 15 seconds recovery. This 45-minute high intensity class format can be taught in both deep and shallow water. 



No-Repeat Class Format
Fitmotivation welcomes Cindy back for her sophomore video on the streaming platform. Her first video, Turbulent Tabatas, featured a “no repeat” Tabata that included eight rounds of eight unique water exercises for a total of 64 moves. Get ready for more “no repeat” action in Crazy Circuits with all new moves as each of the 8 circuits features completely different exercises.  A “no repeat” workout means that no exercises get repeated during the entire class. There is nothing wrong with repeating exercises in a class. Exercise repetition can help participants improve form and can also target and fatigue specific muscle groups. However, Cindy’s “no-repeat” style can create a fast-paced exercise adventure for your class members in which time flies by as you keep tossing new moves at them. Cindy keeps her pool workouts fresh by maintaining a document of over 800 water exercises.

In addition to a warm-up and cool down, Crazy Circuits includes 8 blocks, each featuring 6 different exercises performed for 30 seconds of work, followed by 15 seconds of recovery. Each circuit/block has a different theme, such as jacks, skis, kicks and moguls. One of the segments includes foam dumbbells, however the exercise can be modified and performed without if your facility does not have the hand buoys. As mentioned above, this is a dual depth class and can be taught in both deep and shallow water.  A flotation belt should be worn by class members who are exercising in deep water. Watch Cindy talk more about Crazy Circuits below and then read more about the inspiration behind the class format in her own words.



Crazy Circuits Inspiration
By Cindy Vance-Brossman
Over the years, I have listened to comments from students about how they love my classes because it is always something different, which challenges them to try new things.
As instructors we usually include many of the “base moves” in our classes like skis, jacks, moguls and more. However, these basic moves can get a bit redundant over time, thus my inspiration for Crazy Circuits. The idea was to incorporate the base moves along with what my students love, all of the fun and challenging variations of these base moves.  Crazy Circuits is an 8 block routine of 6 moves each, taking concepts like skis, jacks, kicks, punches and more, performing 6 different moves or combinations without repeating. We work each move for 30 seconds, followed 15 seconds of recovery between, and then a 1-minute break between rounds.
This workout concept can be used as a template. An instructor can insert whatever moves they want.  If you are following along in the pool, feel free to insert your favorite moves in place of exercises that you don’t like. 
One thing that has significantly helped me in creating classes is to have a documented library.  Every time I see, create, or change a move for any of my water classes I put it in this document. This allows me to revisit it to create other classes and concepts. This document currently contains over 800 different moves and is still growing. These moves can be used in combinations making the options endless.
The Crazy Circuits routine can be done in shallow, or in deep water, or a combination of both as seen in the video. I hope you enjoy this fun, heart-pumping “no-repeat” workout.

Cindy’s aquatic adventures began when she got certified with Aqua Zumba in 2016.  However, she soon realized that there are so many other ways to work water, eventually expanding into teaching other formats including S’WET, aqua kickboxing, Poolates and deep water. Her innovative Tabata & Circuit formats are among some of the most popular classes that she teaches she teaches at the Wisconsin Athletic Club (WAC) in Menomonee Falls. 




Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.