Tuesday, July 02 2019

Looking for a simple summer workout to put some sizzle in the pool?  USA Aqua Expert, Stephanie Thielen shares Aqua Body Blast, a complete workout that moves quickly from one exercise to the next, training the entire body in just 10 exercises.   An easy-to-use template is included with the notes.

Aqua Body Blast is the latest video to post in the new AquaFit video series.  Videos posted in this series are produced as self-directed workouts and include an audio download.  That means that not only can instructors take away ideas for their classes; aqua fitness workout fans can also exercise along with the video or to a separate mp3 file which can be uploaded to their favorite device.

The concept behind Aqua Body Blast is genius in its simplicity.  Stephanie’s inspiration came while writing out a program for a land fitness class.   Her goal was to create a format for a 30-minute strength class with some added cardio to keep the intensity up for the entire workout session.  “It had to be a no fear, user friendly, total body workout that would maximize the 30 minutes and would make participants feel its worth – and while I was writing it out it occurred to me that the same format could be used for aqua,” says Stephanie.  She added, “I’m all about short workouts to get in, get out, and get on with my day and Aqua Body Blast does just that.”

What makes Aqua Body Blast and effective workout?

According to Stephanie, this workout is effective for 2 reasons: 

1)   Quality use of every minute and pre-formatted for easy class design.  When you as an instructor KNOW exactly what needs to happen in each part of the workout, you can stop worrying and start teaching, coaching, and engaging. 

2)   When participants KNOW what to expect from the workout, they will trust, commit and keep coming back for more.


10 Exercises:  One from each of the following categories

  1. Chest  2) Legs  3) Biceps  4) Cardio  5) Core 

  2. Back  7) Legs  8) Tricep  9) Cardio  10) Core 

Summary of the timing protocol:

Class Time **30-minute Class** **45 minute-Class**
Warm Up 30 seconds and/or 64 counts of music for each category, performed 2 times **  6 minutes** 30 seconds and/or 64 counts of music for each category, performed 3 times **9 minutes**
Aqua Body Blast Workout 1 minute, 30 seconds each exercise followed by 30 seconds of running **10 sets = 20 minutes** 2 minutes, 30 seconds each exercise followed by 30 seconds of running **10 sets = 30 minutes**
Final Stretch 45 seconds each exercise/combination performed 1 time **3 minutes, 45 seconds** 30 seconds each exercise/combination performed 2 times **5 minutes**
Total Time **29 minutes, 45 seconds** **44 minutes**

Teaching Tips:  You Need a Timer

According to Stephanie, there is no other way to teach this type of class unless you have some kind of timing device to keep track of how long each exercise or class segment is.  She cautions instructors against relying on the pace clock or a stopwatch because then they are constantly looking at the clock as opposed to engaging and coaching their participants. 

Stephanie suggests the following timers to help you teach Aqua Body Blast or other class formats that require accurate timing of work or rest segments.

·      GymBoss

o   Compact interval timer times one or two intervals between 2 seconds and 99 minutes. 

o   Auto mode keeps repeating the intervals.  Chime and vibrate interval notification and can be set for 1, 2, 5, or 9 seconds.

o   Available through Amazon

·      Ultra Timer App

o   Used with your device (phone, iPad, etc.),

o   Set up single or multiple times.  Customize to play different alarms, change the background color for visual feedback, and add text to teach interval.

o   Choose a playlist from your music library and go!

o   Make sure to download the paid version so you can save all your workouts.

o   Available for iOS and Android

·      Seconds Pro App

o   Same as above

o   Make sure to download the paid version so you can save all your workouts.

o   Available for iOS and Android

·      Yes!GO App

o   If you already have this music app, then you know the benefit of having access to hundreds of songs in the palm of your hand.  But did you know this app also has a timer component? This feature allows you to set up multiple intervals, save the workout, and choose your favorite playlist from the Yes! Fitness Music collection.  It’s a win-win.

o   Available from Yes! Fitness Music

Equipment Recommendation
Stephanie does not use any equipment in the video, however webbed gloves could very easily be used to create additional resistance.  Hand held equipment should be avoided as this workout was NOT designed for hand held equipment. 

Music Recommendation:  128-132bpm
This video was filmed with music from Yes! Fitness Music that was specifically approved for use in a video.   However, a few of the songs do appear in Yes! Fitness Music’s tribal playlist – Let’s Go Global

Template Included
The notes to this video do include a worksheet template for building your own Aqua Body Blast classes.   Be sure to use this invaluable Fitmotivation resource for class planning.

 Whether you are an instructor or an aquafit enthusiast interested in exercising along with videos and audio downloads, I am confident that you will take away a format for a simple but powerful water workout.    

 Fitmotivation would like to thank Stephanie Thielen for returning to Florida and filming more videos.   Her 2016 videos, Ready S.E.T Go! and Aqua HIIT Bits have been two of the most commented on videos.  Stay tuned for more videos and audio workouts from Stephanie this fall. 








Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.