Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! There are subscribers from over 35 different countries. All you need is a Wi/Fi connection! Depending on your location, data rates/usage may apply based on Internet provider restrictions or plans.

Absolutely! This is extremely important to us. Fitmotivation does NOT store or even process the credit cards when you subscribe. All payments are processed through Stripe- one of the world’s most secure and popular payment processing companies.

Keep in mind, if the card you have on file is no longer valid for any reason, your renewal payments will fail. After three attempts within 7 days, your account will cancel. To gain access to your account again, you will need to log-in with your existing user name and password and you will be prompted to select your plan and enter new payment info.

If you need to change a credit card or add/edit credit card information, please log-in and go to MY ACCOUNT > BILLING & PAYMENTS and update your information. Be sure to SAVE changes.


The Basic Pro Plan is $14.95 a month. There is no commitment. You cancel or suspend your account at any time.
The Premium Pro Plan is $24.95 a month. There is no commitment. You cancel or suspend your account at any time.

Basic Pro Plan: 2 new videos are posted each month. CEC Quiz cost: $20.00 (2.0 AEA CECS). Audio Workout download cost: Approximately $7.50 Premium Pro Plan: 3 new videos are posted each month. CEC Quiz cost: $10.00 (2.0 AEA CECS). Featured Monthly Audio Workout download cost: FREE. (Up to three audio downloads free at any time.) Archived audio downloads are $7.50 each.

Yes you can! This is an important customer service feature! If you are a Basic Pro monthly subscriber and see a video in the Premium plan that you would like to view simply switch to Premium and you will be pro-rated the charges for the time you spent as a Premium viewer on your next monthly invoice. IMPORTANT: You will need to switch back before your renewal date or you will renew at the Premium monthly rate of $24.95. If you are a Premium monthly subscriber and wish to lower your monthly payment, simply switch to the Basic Pro plan. To switch plans, go to MY ACCOUNT > CHANGE PLAN or CANCEL

Of course you can! Once again, customer service is very important to us and we want our customers to feel in control of what they can afford. You can subscribe for a month or two and then suspend your account and jump back in whenever you want. However, you must cancel your account 1 day before your monthly renewal date. Your renewal date is clearly displayed in MY ACCOUNT. For example, if your renewal date is the 20th of the month, be sure to cancel on the 19th or before. You cannot "schedule" a cancellation. Please note, once you cancel you can no longer view videos.
To cancel/suspend your account: go to MY ACCOUNT > CHANGE PLAN or CANCEL
VERY IMPORTANT: It is the responsibility of the subscriber, to cancel his or her own account. Please DO NOT email Fitmotivation and request that your account be canceled.

There are no refunds. If you forget to cancel before your renewal date you can enjoy videos for another month. Please always be sure to cancel 1 day before your next renewal date. Important! Annual plans also renew! Annual subscribers receive an email reminder 7 days before their annual plan renews.

When logged in, your renewal date is clearly displayed at the top of web page under MY ACCOUNT

Simply click on LOG-IN and username and password fields is a "Forgot your password" request. Simply type in your email address on file and you will be emailed directives for changing your password.
Important! If you do not receive this email, please check your spam folder. And make sure that you add to your email contacts

If your email address is changed, please go to MY ACCOUNT > MANAGE PROFILE & PASSWORD and change your email address. Be sure to SAVE changes.

When viewing streaming videos, there will be times that you experience 'buffering' issues. This is normal with video streaming and usually has to do with temporary issues regarding Internet connectivity. Try logging out of the site, waiting a few minutes and logging back in. If that does not work, try viewing with a different browser, such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc. If that does not work, try viewing at less than High Definition, by clicking on the Gear (Settings) icon at the bottom of the video viewer and selecting 360p, 540p or 720p.

Select videos include a CEC handout and an online quiz – approved for CECS by the Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA). To access quizzes, click on the EDUCATION tab in the navigation bar. Watch the select video > Pay for the Quiz > Read the CEC Handout > Take the Quiz > Print out your CEC form

Yes. You should definitely print out your CEC form in case you let your subscription lapse. However, as long as you are subscribed, your CEC forms are stored in MY CECs – under MY ACCOUNT. Please consider tracking your accrued AEA CECs immediately with AEA via their online tracking.

These audio workouts include the verbal cueing and music, which allows you to download the workout to a personal device and enjoy a pool workout! Premium subscribers can always download the three MOST RECENT audio downloads for FREE. The Audio Downloads are located in a slider at the bottom of the VIDEOS tab. All archived audio downloads (Non-free) can be purchased by subscribers for 50% off or $7.50 each. Premium subscribers should get in the habit of downloading the FREE Featured Audio every month! Consider starting a folder on your computer or device where you can store your downloads for easy access.

A receipt is emailed to the email address on file for each monthly or annual charge. If you do not receive the receipt, please check your spam folder.

Click on SUPPORT in the navigation bar.