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  • This site helps aquatic fitness professionals create classes and training.
  • Over 300 videos
  • All videos include customizable notes
  • Select videos include template designs
  • All videos include a blog for additional education
  • Select videos include AEA approved CEC quizzes
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276 total videos
  • 7-day trial period
  • 2 new videos post each month
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  • All videos include notes & blog
  • $20.00 AEA CEC Quizzes
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382 total videos
  • 7-day trial period
  • 3 new videos post each month
  • Access to ALL videos
  • All videos include notes & blog
  • $10.00 AEA CEC Quizzes
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Dela Nakao.

Oahu, HI

I have been following you on YouTube and finally decided to become a subscriber! In love with your videos. I am a group exercise instructor here in beautiful Hawaii on the island of Oahu. In September, I took over another instructors aqua tabata class at last minute using her format. Decided to change it up and introduced your deep water tabata. Members loved it! I made sure they had a good workout. Members worked out hard, so hard that the talkers during class didn't have time to talk with each other. Watching your videos have taught me so much.

Emma Richmond.

Edinburgh, Scotland

I'm a new teacher, I qualified in May. I wanted to let you know how much your videos have helped me. I use them to get new ideas and to help with technique and cueing. I now teach four classes a week and my participants love that we mix up old favorites and new moves. Thanks for all the inspiration and help with my confidence.

Susan Pomeroy.

Lawrence, KS

I have absolutely no idea why i waited so long to subscribe to Fitmotivation. Oh my goodness! What was I thinking? More precisely, what was I NOT thinking?!? The ideas are great for all my group classes----but I'm loving "stealing" bits and pieces from videos to use in my personal training sessions with clients. SOOOOO happy! Your site is simply great. Thank you!

Terry Kurtz.

Sedona, AZ

I want to thank you over and over for what you do for instructors like myself. I haven't taught aqua in 3 years due to some health issues. After a recent certification, I hit the deck the following Monday and 3 classes later I've doubled attendance every week! I am truly shocked at my "instant" success. Big hugs for all you and your Fitmotivation crew in helping inspire me to have confidence and in my newly found teaching skills.

Megan McCoy.

Portland, OR

I recently agreed to teach an aqua class at our gym and was seriously struggling to bring it together. Then I found your site and couldn't believe my luck- here was everything I needed to pull this off!! From music and timing, how to structure a class, breaking down formats, and of course, tons of moves and routines. It's been a real god-send. I have lots to learn still, but with you and your network of enthusiastic teachers, I feel I can do this. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

Melody Kloepfer.

North Palm Beach, FL

I love the videos and information Fitmotivation provides and I am grateful everything is well planned and thought out. I am teaching my first water aerobics class this Thursday and this website is so much better than just looking at random Youtube videos. In addition, I love that the videos emphasize keeping the instructors safe too.