Digital gift cards can be used by new subscribers, current subscribers and inactive subscribers.

Gift Cards for Currently Subscribed or Inactive

If the gift card recipient is currently subscribed, they can just log in and add the Gift Card Code into their account settings. Log-in > My Account > Redeem Gift Card. If their account is inactive, they can simply add the Gift Card Code when they reactivate their account. There is no expiration date for usage.

Gift Cards for New Subscribers

New subscribers will be prompted to enter their unique Gift Card Code when signingup. The gift card amount will be applied to whatever monthly or annual plan they select and will begin deducting after their automatic 7-day trial. They can view their gift card balance and cancel their account at any time in their account settings. want to exercise in their pool.

Purchasing your Fitmotivation Inc Gift Card

This digital gift card can be used on both Fitmotivation Inc sites — & Fitmotivation is designed for aquatic fitness instructors. Poolfit was created for people who want to exercise in the pool. The purchaser will be able to add a personal message and the recipient's email address. An email including the gift card and redemption details will be sent to the recipient. The purchaser will receive an emailed receipt. You can also purchase gift cards for yourself. Gifting aquatic fitness has never been easier!