Muscle Conditioning Aquatic Fitness ClassImage

Muscle Conditioning Aquatic Fitness Class

Saturday, September 30 2023
H2O Body Blast with Chris LaCour is an aquatic fitness class format that targets major muscle groups with a 3-2-1 fitness strategy. Chest, back, core, quads, hamstrings and glutes are each trained with 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of endurance and 1 minute of stretching.
Aquatic Fitness MetCon ChallengeImage

Aquatic Fitness MetCon Challenge

Wednesday, September 20 2023
Made popular by CrossFit, Metabolic Conditioning (MetCon) is also an ideal training format for aquatic fitness classes. MetCon workouts are designed to boost metabolism in a shorter amount of time. Join Stephanie T for Metabolic Circuit, a 15-minute express video that combines cardio and strength exercises in an energy explosion that showcases the power of the water’s resistance.
 Aquatic Fitness Unilateral TrainingImage

Aquatic Fitness Unilateral Training

Wednesday, September 13 2023
Unilateral training is an effective fitness strategy for improving muscle balance and overall strength. Join Jenni Lynn Patterson-LaCour for a 50-minute aquatic fitness class that emphasizes single-side training with and without a foam dumbbell. Your class members can enjoy this cardio strength workout in both deep and shallow water.
Aquafit with Resistance BandsImage

Aquafit with Resistance Bands

Wednesday, September 06 2023
Join Ronnie for Liquid Gym, a 17-minute express video that features strength training exercises using a resistance band. Put some muscle and creativity in your aquatic fitness classes with some different equipment options.
Ready SET Lets Go AgainImage

Ready SET Lets Go Again

Wednesday, August 30 2023
Breaking News! Stephanie Thielen is back with another volume of her “Body Pump style” class series – Ready S.E.T. Go! Similar to volumes 1 & 2, volume 3 is preformatted and includes strength and endurance water exercises for chest, back, biceps, triceps, legs and core.
Movement Medicine for Healthy JointsImage

Movement Medicine for Healthy Joints

Tuesday, August 15 2023
Don’t just stretch at the end of class, make sure you offer a joint tune-up as well. How do you do that? Join me in the pool for a series of joint mobility exercises from the neck down to the ankles. Muscular flexibility and joint range of motion are equally important and doing both can help your class members stay pain and injury free in their daily activities
Pool Noodle Leg ExercisesImage

Pool Noodle Leg Exercises

Thursday, August 10 2023
Treat your aquatic fitness class participants to leg day in the pool. This 20-minute pool noodle workout recreates typical leg exercises performed in the gym, such as squats, stair master, lunges, leg extensions and more.
Epic Aquatic Exercise Core CollectionImage

Epic Aquatic Exercise Core Collection

Thursday, August 03 2023
Just posted! Join Chris LaCour in Core Attack, a 50-minute aquatic fitness video that features a compilation of core exercises taught from different angles and body positions. Noodles and a single buoy are also used in this epic collection of aquatic fitness core exercises.
Customizable Aqua Circuit FormatImage

Customizable Aqua Circuit Format

Tuesday, July 25 2023
Just posted! Stephanie Newberry, founder of AquaGym Fitness showcases a simplified circuit format for cardio, muscle conditioning and core training. Each circuit includes three exercise stations that can easily be customized to reflect the equipment you have on hand, preferred depth and intended fitness goals. The exercises are performed for 1 minute each followed by 15 seconds of recovery and then repeated. This 50-minute class format includes 5 circuits.
Pool Noodle Aqua Class IdeasImage

Pool Noodle Aqua Class Ideas

Tuesday, July 18 2023
Pool noodles are simply the most affordable and versatile equipment you can use in your classes. Join Jenni Lynn for Noodle Core & More and take away a variety of ways to use the noodle in your classes for core training, muscle conditioning, cardio, balance and more.
Dual Depth Aerobic BlastImage

Dual Depth Aerobic Blast

Tuesday, July 11 2023
Liquid Intensity with Ronnie Miller is a 45-minute aqua aerobic class format that can be instructed and performed in both deep and shallow water. Simple to teach and follow, this aquatic fitness class challenges the entire body in the water’s resistance, while also providing some calorie-burning cardio. 
Aqua Circuit with Inexpensive EquipmentImage

Aqua Circuit with Inexpensive Equipment

Thursday, July 06 2023
AquaFIIT Smart Circuits with Katy Coffey showcases an aquatic fitness circuit that can be performed using inexpensive equipment and household items, each purchased for less than $3.00 each. Incorporate exercises that target upper body, legs and core using a half noodle, a small ball, plastic discs, an elastic loop and laundry mesh bags. Try the exercises by themselves or in a fun circuit.