15-minute Aquafit Core ChallengeImage

15-minute Aquafit Core Challenge

Thursday, January 26 2023
Jenni Lynn and Chris share some of their favorite S'WET exercises to help you create a killer core segment at the end of your aquatic fitness classes.  Core with LaCour showcases 15-minutes of core training that includes five exercises that are taught for 1 minute each, followed by 30 seconds of rest. The challenge is then on in the second round as an intensity progression is offered for each of the five moves.  Consider swapping in some of your favorite core exercises so that you can recreate this template in your classes over and over.
Older Adult Seated Exercise Image

Older Adult Seated Exercise

Tuesday, January 24 2023
Sit, Stand & Sculpt with Jenni Lynn Patterson-LaCour is a 50-minute chair class designed to improve core strength, muscular endurance and joint mobility. Aside from use in land fitness, if weather issues or a malfunctioning pool prevent you from teaching your aquatic fitness class, you can consider using this as a substitute low-impact workout.
 Dual Depth Pool Wall ClassImage

Dual Depth Pool Wall Class

Wednesday, January 11 2023
Explore a 45-minute aquatic fitness class template that can be taught in both deep and shallow water and features high intensity wall work. Stacked Wall with Sharlie showcases the building-block method of fitness instruction by stacking one move at a time, increasing intensity and duration as the class progresses, which helps students build strength and stamina.
Aquatic Fitness Strength TrainingImage

Aquatic Fitness Strength Training

Wednesday, January 04 2023
Get ready to Drench your aquatic fitness class members with a 45-minute water fitness strength training format. Drenched with Katy Coffey is a shallow water workout that can be performed with Aqualogix equipment, webbed gloves or no equipment at all.
Deep Water Aqua Abs Class Image

Deep Water Aqua Abs Class

Tuesday, December 27 2022
The New Year is the perfect time to release a challenging core workout. After the holiday season, class members are anxious to get back on track. Core Suspense with Shelley Owens is 30-minutes of deep-water core training with a flotation belt and a pair of hand buoys.
AMRAP Aquafit Class ChallengeImage

AMRAP Aquafit Class Challenge

Friday, December 16 2022
Unleash some holiday fun in your classes with a S’WET AMRAP Challenge. This 15-minute cardio burst features Jenni Lynn and Chris, along with five of their favorite S’WET moves. The moves are taught for “as many reps as possible” in 60 seconds followed by 30 seconds of rest. The five moves are then repeated a second time so that your class members can challenge themselves to beat their first-round scores.
Land Fitness with ChrisImage

Land Fitness with Chris

Wednesday, December 14 2022
Got a chair, a mat and a rubberized loop? Join Chris for a 60-minutes of land fitness training that includes muscle conditioning, core work and flexibility training.
Aquatic Fitness Leg Exercises Image

Aquatic Fitness Leg Exercises

Wednesday, November 30 2022
Aquatic Legs is a 20-minute aqua fitness workout that is designed to help you instruct your class participants to exercise smarter and more efficiently in the pool. 10 sequences of leg exercises move at a very brisk pace, which means you get cardio, muscle conditioning and education, all wrapped into one.
5 Ways to Use Arms in AquafitImage

5 Ways to Use Arms in Aquafit

Tuesday, November 29 2022
Join Lori for a refresher on the use of arms in an aquatic fitness class. Aquatic Arms is a 20-minute video that is designed to provide instructors with ideas for incorporating creative and effective arm movements in their classes.
Feeling the BurnImage

Feeling the Burn

Wednesday, November 16 2022
Join Jenni Lynn in Hydro Burn, an aquatic fitness class that targets cardio, strength and core with a combination of buoyant and water’s resistance. If you enjoy using hand buoys in your aquafit classes you will love this Fitmotivation water fitness video.
Deep Water HIIT MedleyImage

Deep Water HIIT Medley

Monday, November 07 2022
Katy Coffey is back with more AquaFIITcation for your aquatic fitness classes. Deep Water Drills is an epic collection of six different styles of high intensity interval training (HIIT), incorporating hand buoys, noodles and gloves. Each HIIT segment is designed to target different FITT Principles.
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New Site Survey

Thursday, November 03 2022
Based on customer support inquiries and social media posts, it has come to our attention that many people are struggling with navigating the new site. Please help us help you by taking this short survey regarding the new site.