Hip and Knee Aquatic Fitness Image

Hip and Knee Aquatic Fitness

Tuesday, April 09 2024
The message is clear. Be good to your legs because you are going to need them for a long time. Water Exercises for Hip & Knees with Irene Pluim Mentz is an aquatic fitness instructor video that targets the lower body with the 4 S’s – strength, stability, stamina and stretching.
Alphabet Themed Aquafit ClassImage

Alphabet Themed Aquafit Class

Wednesday, March 27 2024
Aqua Alphabet is a dual depth water aerobic class that features 26 water exercises, each corresponding to a letter of the alphabet. Once you have introduced all the exercises, it is Game On with mixer rounds and memory pop quizzes. Deep or shallow, treat your class members to an aquatic cardio workout that includes neurobic exercises to stimulate the brain.
 Splashy Kickboxing Aquafit ClassImage

Splashy Kickboxing Aquafit Class

Wednesday, March 13 2024
Encourage your aquatic fitness class members to get splashy and fierce in a kickboxing-inspired water workout. Join Jackie Lebeau in Stacked Intervals, a 50-minute water class format that is taught with timed intervals and targets both cardio and muscular endurance.
Creating a HIIT Stations ClassImage

Creating a HIIT Stations Class

Tuesday, March 05 2024
Try an aquatic fitness circuit stations class that can be performed with the featured equipment, other equipment or no equipment at all. Take away ideas for creating stations workouts with limited equipment. Join Irene Pluim-Mentz for a shallow water aqua class that targets upper body, lower body and core.
Aquatic Fitness Class for LegsImage

Aquatic Fitness Class for Legs

Wednesday, February 21 2024
Treat your class members to Leg Day! Lower FIIT with Katy Coffey is a 28-minute deep-water aquatic fitness routine that helps you guide class participants through a workout that targets the lower body and core muscles. Consider combining Lower FIIT with Upper FIIT for a total body aquatic fitness class.
Triathlon Aquatic Fitness ClassImage

Triathlon Aquatic Fitness Class

Wednesday, February 14 2024
Roll out the noodle cart and treat your class members to a triathlon challenge. Help your participants channel their inner athlete with pool noodle exercises that simulate swimming, biking, and running. Triathlon Training with Jackie Lebeau is a 50-minute aquatic fitness instructor video that showcases innovative class programming and creative noodle ideas.
Aqua Arthritis Class IdeasImage

Aqua Arthritis Class Ideas

Tuesday, February 06 2024
Help your class members move away tension, muscle soreness and achy joints with an aquatic fitness routine that is designed to improve joint flexibility. All the major joints of the body are targeted, from the neck down to the feet. The functional movement featured in this video is designed to help your class participants move better, feel better and live better. Join Eliza Young from AquaGym Fitness for Aqua Arthritis Flexibility, another Fitmotivation video designed to promote healthy joints.
And just like that!Image

And just like that!

Wednesday, January 31 2024
Fitmotivation will be celebrating 10 years in 2024. Therefore, you can expect lots of fun promotion and some new features as detailed in this blog.
New Referral PrograpmImage

New Referral Prograpm

Tuesday, January 30 2024
Starting in February 2024, refer water fitness instructors to the Fitmotivation Aquatic Fitness Streaming Video Platform and accrue $10.00 digital gift cards that can be redeemed in your account settings and used toward your subscription costs or the purchase of quizzes. Subscribers can also earn $10.00 credits with referrals to our sister site, Poolfit.tv. The Poolfit App allows people to exercise in their own pools or a pool they have access to.
Videos Posting Winter 2024Image

Videos Posting Winter 2024

Tuesday, January 30 2024
Fitmotivation has released the schedule of aquatic fitness videos posting in Winter 2024 and the list includes class routines for arthritis, kickboxing, triathlon training, HIIT, cardio and more.
Shoots and Ladders Aqua ClassImage

Shoots and Ladders Aqua Class

Wednesday, January 24 2024
Ready…set…go! Let the games begin. Join Stephanie Newberry in Shoots and Ladders, an AquaGym Fitness workout that showcases their signature progressive moves and fast-paced interval style. Each segment features a power (cardio) move and a shooting (core) move taught with ascending/descending ladder timing. This fun aqua fitness circuit class can be taught in either deep or shallow water.
Aquatic Fitness for Lower BackImage

Aquatic Fitness for Lower Back

Wednesday, January 17 2024
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 620 million people suffer from lower back pain globally. Some of them may be your class members. Core training is a key strategy for preventing lower back issues. Water Exercise for Lower Back with Irene Pluim Mentz focuses on core strength, stretching, stabilization and stamina.