6 Steps for successfully completing a Fitmotivation Online CEC Quiz

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  1. Read the CEC Handout that is available upon purchase. (Quiz questions all relate to CEC handout)
  2. Take the online quiz. Each quiz is 20 questions.
  3. Print out your CEC form

Each video below features an online quiz worth 2.0 AEA CECs

Aquatic Arms & Legs

Based on two videos, Aquatic Arms and Aquatic Legs, this online ed program provides ideas for arm and leg use and helps instructors identify the working muscles in traditional base moves.

Blossoming Bumps

This aquanatal course reviews common pre-natal ailments & contraindications, as well as basic anatomy & physiology of pregnancy, including alignment, posture and pelvic floor considerations.

Fascial Movement for Active Aging

Specifically designed by Haylley to release restricted fascia, this content is ideal for extended stretching, arthritis/senior classes, personal training, rehab, recovery and instructor self-care.

Aqua HiLo

Aqua HiLo showcases how to reduce impact by implementing the technique of Grounded Movement into a HiLo format, as well as other helpful instructional techniques.

Water Exercise for Arthritis

Designed to showcase AEA’s Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program (AFAP) and essential class components, instructors will take away exercises and a lesson plan for joint mobility.

Why Water Workout

This program is designed to provide instructors with a baseline workout that showcases the aquatic fitness base moves, the muscles targeted and additional techniques & tips.

Aqua Yoga for Arthritis

This gentle aqua program utilizes a pool noodle and includes a series of poses to improve joint ROM and promote stress reduction, relaxation and a better quality of life.

Aquatic Law

Aquatic Law showcases the properties of the water that make the aquatic fitness experience unique and effective. Learn how to increase & decrease intensity with the physical laws.

Name That Muscle

This educational video is designed to help aquatic fitness professionals identify the working muscle in every situation, with or without equipment. Name That Muscle! Knowledge is power.

Deck Blocks

Helping instructors fill a class with essential content, this video starts out with a 50-move library and then demonstrates selecting exercises from various components to create a class.

Aqualogical Legs

This lower body focused workout features progressive kick combinations, followed by drills that challenge the core with an intense circuit of feet-up vs feet-down exercises.

Pool Posture

Discover exercise solutions for improving posture in your aquatic fitness programs. This video includes 3 exercise segments that combat the negative effects of poor posture.

Deep 124

This deep-water routine uses music tempo to set the challenge and a Latin beat to energize the moves. Learn how to add challenge and variety into a deep water program using various training principles.

Choreography for the Core: Part 1 & 2

In Part 1 learn 60 shallow water exercises and combinations that use various principles for creating vertical core choreography; in Part 2 take away several noodle exercises for vertical core training.

Mobility Matrix

Discover an overall exercise prescription that promotes healthy aging through functional fitness training. Take away ideas for mobility training for all the major joints, as well as training for gait, ADLs, balance and more.

Aqua Progressions & Regressions

This 60-minute video tutorial provides a class sample for teaching an aqua fitness class to beginner, intermediate and advanced students. Take away progressions, regressions, education, cueing tips and more.

Aqua Allegro

Using an interval format, learn how to challenge the body by adapting aquatic exercises into ballet moves and jumps found in the Allegro portion of a ballet class.

Ride the Wave Online Quiz

Explore the science behind interval training and take away six different interval formats for your aquatic fitness classes. Recommended Videos: Ride the Wave 1 & 2

Age Proof Aqua

Learn 10 tips for age-proofing your aqua classes, including high intensity formats, to make them more purposeful for the aging body. Suggested video: H2O Functional Flow

50 Ways Online CEC Quiz

Learn how to create unlimited moves and combinations by applying different variation techniques to aquatic base moves. Suggested video: So You Think You Can Aqua

Ready S.E.T. Go!

Learn how to design a pre-formatted body conditioning workout for the pool. Take away a simple template worksheet for strength and endurance. Suggested video: Ready S.E.T. Go!

Hand Buoy ABCs Online Quiz

Learn tips, techniques, exercises and more involving foam hand buoys. This entire workout is performed with one buoy - allowing for optimal hand breaks. Suggested video: Hand Buoy ABCs

360 Degree Angles Online CEC Quiz

Learn how to add functional, multi-planar movement to your shallow water workouts. Ideal for aging bodies and healthy aging class formats. Suggested video: 360 Degree Angles

Aqua Musicology & Deck Cueing Skills

Learn how to match the moves to the music and explore deck teaching techniques for safe & effective instruction. Suggested videos (2): Aqua Musicology & Deck Cueing

Aqua Free Online Quiz

Based of a 5-part video series, learn how to reinvent base moves by changing: 1) Arms 2) Travel & Direction 3) Impact Options 4) Tempo 5) Combined moves.

Dual Aqua Online Quiz

Learn how to combine both choreo combos and Tabata rounds into an engaging and exciting workout. This routine can be performed in both deep & shallow water.

Aqua Yoga Stretch Online Quiz

Learn how to design a flexibility routine with yoga poses that stretch all of the major muscle groups. Create a new final stretch or use poses as recovery in HIIT programs.

Aqua Abs Noodle Online Quiz

Performing supine abdominal/core movements on a noodle can be tricky. Take away tips, techniques exercises and solutions or form & alignment.