Tuesday, July 02 2019

The above video preview is for Aqua Flex & Flow, which posted on 6/21/16

International Yoga Day was celebrated on Tuesday this week (6.21.16) and India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, celebrated with 30,000 people in Chandigarh, India in a mega yoga event.  Here at Fitmotivation we are celebrating with the release of the video, Aqua Flex & Flow, which features a mega collection of mind & body choreography.

This video blends together Ai Chi, Pilates, yoga and aqua power moves into choreography that is designed to keep you warm in a cooler lap pool.  Sound familiar?  It should.  In 2008, I produced a video called Liquid Flex & Flow with a similar premise.  Aqua Flex & Flow features all new updated choreography and it includes three combinations of Barre movements using the noodle for some serious butt and thigh work.  I would like to give a shout out to Dr. Mary Wykle, the creator of Aqua Pi-Yo-Chi for her tutoring over the years in aqua mind & body programming.

Aqua Flex & Flow is my new favorite routine.  I know I have said this before but I really, really like this routine – the moves, the mood and the music. (Be sure to check out music details below)  I do believe this video is going to be a summer blockbuster because many subscribers have been requesting this kind of programming.  And summer is a great time to introduce this kind of ‘feel-good’ formatting on warm, sun-kissed days.     

Why incorporate mind & body programming in the water?  There are several reasons but the most prominent is because of the supportive nature of water.  Participants are willing to dig deeper into yoga poses due to the buoyant, supportive nature of water.  Moves requiring balance or points of stability can also be easily supported with the pool wall or floating aides such as noodles or kickboards.  The waters variable resistance takes Ai Chi to a new level and enhances the fitness outcomes of Pilates, yoga and Barre, helping to improve flexibility, range of motion, balance, coordination and muscular endurance to name a few benefits.  And this kind of exercise just feels really good in the water.

Aqua Flex & Flow – 5 Important Concepts

1  Blending Choreography

So how do these moves all come together?  In the first part of the video I take viewers through various positions to analyze how flow is achieved.  From stride position, certain yoga, Pilates and Ai Chi moves will flow together given the position of the legs, feet and arms. From wide center stance, a whole other array of mind & body moves will flow together factoring in the different position of the legs, feet and arms.  The easiest position of all is narrow center stance, also known as Mountain Pose.  From here, you can flow in almost any direction with almost any move. 

2  Thermal Warmth

Not every facility is blessed with a warm water pool.  If you want to add mind & body programming into a cooler lap pool then you have to make adjustments in the programming.  When you watch the video, you will notice that every combination includes aqua power moves blended into the yoga, Pilates and Ai Chi flow.  These power moves can be simple aqua base moves such as skis, jacks and jogs, or they can be aggressive anchored moves with long lever arm and leg movements.  Keeping students warm is essential to an effective and enjoyable mind & body class in the pool.

3  Noodle/Barre

This routine also includes three combinations of Barre legwork using the noodle.  The noodle/Barre can be held in front or to the side as a fixed support to hold on to while performing intense leg movements that target glutes, hamstrings and thighs.  The noodle is also used in one combination for buoyant resistance when the foot is placed on the noodle.  My students have really been enjoying these Barre moves because they target their butts!

4  Mix & Mingle

This routine has been filmed in its entirety as a complete 45-minute mind & body class, which is how I teach it at the YMCA.  Six months ago I picked up a new class at the Y and was asked to keep this a slower, mind & body/flexibility class.   I was excited to take on the challenge because I knew it would serve as fertile testing grounds for new videos.   Aqua Flex & Flow is the first routine that came out of this new class.  However, please note that I also use some of these Aqua Flex & Flow combinations in other classes.  Last week in my 8am shallow water cardio class, I alternated Tabata rounds with mind & body combinations from this video for a “Turbulence & Tranquility” style class.   There are plenty of videos on the Fitmotivation website for you to test out some mix & mingle ideas

5  Music:  Video & CD

The music I use in my classes and in my workshop is the music CD, Tune Up Your Body! Volume 2 from Yes! Fitness Music.   Check out the featured blog on this pre-mixed music CD for more information.  The music you hear in the video is music specifically approved for use in a video.  Thanks to Yes! Fitness Music for allowing me to create custom video music playlists from their exclusive video music library.   Subscribers often comment on how much they like the music in the videos.  This playlist will NOT disappoint.  I like it so much that I now use it in my YMCA classes.  It is perfect for this routine.  This playlist is not available as a CD, but you can contact me for the link to download the 56-minute playlist from the Yes! Fitness Music website.  The cost to download this playlist is $15.00.  Simply email me or use the Comment form on this blog and request the link to the Aqua Flex & Flow video music. 


Aqua Flex & Flow is the best of mind and body programming choreographed into a Zen-like experience in the soothing embrace of the water.
Happy first week of summer!   Enjoy this routine!

Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.