Tuesday, July 02 2019

The above video takes a virtual tour of my two favorite music resources (posted 8/24/15)

The video, Aqua Musicology, included a segment at the end featuring my two favorite music resources – Dynamix Music and Yes! Fitness Music. I decided to share this video segment on my blog in order to promote these two valuable resources. Fitness music has been one of my vital daily needs for the past 20 years. From cassettes to CDs to digital downloads and now to mobile apps – music has played a starring role in my fitness classes. Both Dynamix Music and Yes! Fitness Music go to enormous effort and expense to produce fitness music that is legal to use and is specifically designed for use in fitness classes. Matching movement to music is made simple when using the 32-count template that fitness music provides.

And both of these companies are progressing with technology. Check out the most current resources they provide.

DYNAMIX MUSIC Website: Phone: 1-800-843-6499

Pre-mixed CDs: Average cost $18.95 - $22.95 Mark’s Top 5 Favorite Dynamix CDs for Aqua Class: Aqua Classics, Basic Training, 80’s & 90’s Reloaded, Timeless Pop, 1 Hit Wonders

U-Mixit: Average cost for Dynamix custom mixed 60-minute playlist (12 songs) - $21.00 You get to pick the songs, pick the order they are in, pick the BPM and choose whether to mix the custom playlist or have gaps.  Yes, I am addicted to custom mixes. And I love the fact that all previously purchased songs on U-Mixit are only 25 cents which means you get to make new custom mixes with new arrangements for next to nothing with previously purchased songs.

Dynamix Music is offering Fitmotivation subscribers a 20% discount on pre-mixed CDs and U-Mixit custom downloads.  Discount code:  Fitmotiv15
Use the code at checkout when prompted to enter a discount.

Dynamix & U-Mixit Mobile Music: Free on the App Store & Google Play Download music directly to your Apple & Android smart phone or tablet. There is no complicated downloading or syncing to a computer required. This app allows you to customize playback with steady BPM for all songs. There is an optional percentage adjustment for playback. Once albums are downloaded, no internet connection required. And yes, I use this app and love the ease and convenience of it.

YES! FITNESS MUSIC Website: Phone: 1-800-321-9379

Pre-mixed CDs: Average cost: $22.95 Mark’s Top 5 Favorite Yes! CDs for Aqua Class: Best of Mashup Mania 3, Aqua Celebration, Aqua Rock-A-poolooza, Aqua Revolution, Retro Oldies 2

Tempo Magic Pro: One time app cost - $5.99 Tempo Magic Pro is the first app that allows you to adjust the tempo of your music with just the slide of a finger on your iPhone or iPod Touch. This app makes it super simple to increase or decrease the Beats Per Minute (BPM) of any song or playlist in your iTunes library by as much as 50%. I have had this app for the last 3 years and absolutely love it.

Yes! Custom Mixes: Cost for 60-minute custom mix - $15.00 Similar to Dynamix Music, you get to pick the songs, pick the order they are in, pick the BPM and choose whether to mix the custom playlist or have gaps. Warning: once you start doing custom mixes you will get ridiculously addicted.

Want to try creating a custom mix?  Yes! is offering Fitmotivation subscribers 20% off a custom mix. That means you can make a 60 minute playlist of your favorite songs for just $12.00.  Use code:  MARK     Offer is only good on custom mixing and expires at midnight on September 4, 2015.

Yes!Go Unlimited Mobile Music: $14.95 a month Taking everything one step further, consider a Yes!Go subscription and you get all the pre-mixed CDs and custom mixes you want – unlimited! The cost of keeping your subscription going for one year would equal the cost of buying 8 CDs. But instead, you could potentially download hundreds of pre-mixed CDs and custom mixes. This is a ‘music addicts’ dream come true. And yes…I have it. Log on and try it for one month FREE.

As stated in an article I wrote in 2004, The Perfect Class, “we have all experienced that perfect hour when the cosmic forces of fitness unite to electrify the music, the mood, and the moves.” Music always has and always will play a starring role in group fitness classes.

Thank you to both Dynamix Music and Yes! Fitness Music for providing resources that help fitness instructors bring health, joy and fitness into the world.

Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.