And just like that!

Wednesday, January 31 2024


Fitmotivation will be celebrating 10 years in 2024. Therefore, you can expect lots of fun promotion and some new features as detailed in this blog.

The Fitmotivation streaming video platform launched on November 14, 2014, with 7 videos. And just like that... There are now 362 videos, and we think that is cause for celebration. That means 362 preview videos have been produced. 362 blogs have been written. 362 sets of notes have been uploaded. That also means a minimum of three videos have posted in the Premium platform every month. Likewise, at least two videos have posted in the Basic plan every month. Additionally, at least one audio workout was added each month, along with over 30 AEA approved CEC Online quizzes. Fitmotivation has consistently delivered on the original promises for 120 months.
Watch Mark make those original promises in this launch video from 2014, and then read about the plans for 2024.




New Referral Program
Starting in February 2024, refer colleagues to and accrue $10.00 digital gift cards that can be redeemed in your account settings and used toward your subscription costs or the purchase of quizzes. You can earn even more $10.00 credits with referrals to our sister site, Read more about the New Referral Program.

Quick Overview Videos – Yay or Nay?
We have had requests from instructors for shorter videos that just show the moves without repetition. They just want to see the exercises, print the notes and go. We feel that instructors benefit from seeing the full video and HOW it is cued and taught. However, we just tested our first Quick Overview Video with the recently posted Shoots & Ladders video. This Quick Overview feature would only be implemented for select videos, in particular those with limited moves taught with lots of repetition. This feature will not be implemented if we don’t receive any feedback. How do you provide feedback?  Leave a comment under the Shoots & Ladders Quick Overview video or blog. Every video and blog have a comment field below it. The easiest way to leave comments is to sign up with Disqus, our 3rd party comment platform. You can sign up in the comment area by simply registering with your email address and a password. We welcome your comments because subscriber feedback guides our decisions on content and features.

Aquatic Exercise Tips
Over 70 short water exercise tips were added to the platform in December. The recent survey indicated that many were unaware of this. These tips feature Fitmotivation instructors’ favorite moves and fitness concepts. You can find these tips on the video page below the categories.

Deck-led Videos
In December, a new category was created based on a subscriber request. There is now a Deck-Led video category. This category includes all the videos that feature the instructor leading from deck. We are fully aware that most instructors teach from deck. However, Fitmotivation Inc produces videos for two sites, Fitmotivation and Some videos benefit from being filmed with the presenter in the water so they can be better followed along with on Poolfit. Having the presenter in the water also ensures that their exercises and choreography is executed precisely as per their content. Having a Deck-Led Category is intended for those subscribers who are trying to improve their deck instruction. 

Video Chapters
Video chapters were added into the video viewers at the beginning of 2023, once again thanks to a subscriber request. (Your comments matter!) These video chapters now make it much easier to skim through a video to a part that you want to view. We hope you are using this feature.


Improvements to Search
Given the responses in the Winter 2024 Survey, I have asked the tech team to prioritize this. Search was massively rehauled in 2022, but the process is still far too clunky. Search is based on key words that I input into the video’s backend when I upload a video. Clearly, I am not doing a very good job of inputting keywords. (Yes, I get lazy) The lead web tech is researching third party platforms that we can link to our search to make it more efficient and intuitive. Rest assured, we are working on this.

Video Pause / Continue Watching
Currently, you cannot pause a video, exit the viewer, and then return to it where the video was paused. The video viewer simply opens back up with the video cued back to start. The tech team is working on a feature that will put a new “slider” on your video page titled, Continue Watching, similar to how you see it other streaming platforms.

Search History / Recently Played
We believe that installing a feature that allows you to browse either recently searched or recently played videos will also help in the search process. We hope to roll this out with improvements to search.

Customized Video Page
Many streaming video sites allow subscribers to customize their video page to show video categories that appeal to them. In the most recent survey, this feature was marked low on value. However, we are looking at it more from the lens of a new subscriber. We believe the sign-up process will be much slicker and exciting if we offer subscribers the ability to customize their video page upon sign-up with the aquatic fitness formats that matter to them. However, all subscribers will have the option of customizing their video page. 

Basic and Premium Plans - No Changes
We received some comments in the recent survey about the dislike for having a Basic and Premium plan. We launched 10 years ago with a Basic program for $14.95 a month and a Premium program for $24.95 a month. We have no plans for changing this because we have a solution in place. If a subscriber refuses to use the “Change Plan” feature, that is on them, not us. If you are a Basic Monthly subscriber and want to watch a Premium video, just click on your account settings, switch to Premium monthly, watch the video, print the notes, and then switch back to Basic monthly. You are not charged when you switch. Instead, you are charged on your next monthly billing cycle for the pro-rated time spent on a plan. If you only spend one day on Premium, you will spend about an extra 50 cents on your next invoice. If you spend two or three days on Premium, you might spend an extra dollar. Kudos to the subscribers who take full advantage of this feature and watch ALL the videos they want, while keeping their costs within their budget.

In closing, I want to thank once again all of you for your support over the last 10 years. There would be no Fitmotivation without our loyal subscribers. It’s going to be a fun year.  We are anxious to dig deep into the archives and share some highlights over the last 10 years. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and YouTube. Later this month we will be launching a special Instagram page dedicated to 10 years of Fitmotivation.   
In the meantime, enjoy the videos!

Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.