Deep Water Circuit Class

Thursday, May 12 2022

Treat your students to an effective deep-water circuit workout that targets various components of fitness.  Similar to the Circuit Wave Workout she filmed in 2018, Lori Templeman is back with a deep-water reboot.  This 45-minute class format features the same template as the original video and includes 6 Circuit Waves of exercise fun.  Easy-to-teach and easy-to-follow, this deep water class format is designed to deliver fitness results.

Blog Summary

  • The difference between the two Circuit Wave workouts
  • Targeting essential components of fitness with the Wave formula
  • Watch Lori’s tips for the workout
  • Creating your own Circuit Wave workout with the template
  • Equipment options
  • Music for video and class
  • Suggestions for timing the circuits
  • Watch Lori’s Behind-the-Scenes video

Circuit Wave Reboot
The original Circuit Wave Workout focused on strength, cardio and balance training. Balance is rather hard to train in the deep because there is no gravity and no stable surface to balance on. Therefore, the fitness component of balance was replaced by core training.  Core strength and stability is especially effective to train in deep water thanks to the absence of gravity and the ability to contort the body into a variety of positions from horizontal to vertical. 

The Wave Formula
Following the original template, Circuit Wave Deep features six circuit waves that target various components of fitness.  Each circuit wave is 5 minutes and includes 1:00 minute of upper body strength, 2:00 minutes cardio, :30 seconds of high intensity work and 1:30 minutes core strength.  The total time adds up to 45 minutes with a warm-up and cool down included. Watch Lori discuss tips and more about the Circuit Wave Deep Workout. 

Create your own Circuit Wave Workout
The Circuit Wave formula makes for a super easy template to plug & go.  Download the Circuit Wave Workout Template and add in your favorite exercises.  This template can be reinvented time and time again with new exercises and different training components. 

Equipment Options
As with all deep-water exercise, a flotation belt is required for this workout.  The water’s resistance is the only equipment needed for this workout.  However webbed gloves are ideal for increasing the intensity of the workout and for creating extra upper body resistance.  The Aqualogix hi-Speed (green) upper body belles and ankle blades can also be used to intensify the workout.

Music for Video & Class
The music used in the video is Super Strings Step (128 bpm), which can be downloaded at Power Music for $14.95.  The bpm was slowed to 124 for the video.  Consider a fun instrumental swing playlist from Yes! Fitness Music.  In the Mood for Big Band Vol. 1 is 126 bpm and available for download for $10.00

Tools for Timing
In the video and for her classes, Lori uses the Seconds Pro App, as she mentioned in the video above.  If you love teaching with timed templates, timing apps can be a huge help.  You can download the Seconds Pro App in the App Store or Play Store.  You can also time the old-fashioned way with a regular watch or a stop-watch.  As mentioned in many other blogs, I personally use the music phrase as my timer.  One phrase is 15 seconds and that helps me keep track of time. 

Behind-the-Scenes Fun
Fitmotivation extends a big thank you to Lori Templeman for once again returning to Florida and filming 5 videos.  Her last time here filming was in 2018.  Lori received a huge honor at the recent International Aquatic Fitness Conference (IAFC) in Daytona Beach.  She was the recipient of AEA’s Global Award for Aquatic Fitness Professional of the Year.   Watch a fun behind-the-scenes video that Lori made regarding her 2022 trip to Florida for filming.



Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.