Deep Water HIIT Class

Friday, September 09 2022

Prepare to launch your aquatic fitness classes to a whole new level with some high intensity acrobatics in the deep end. Train your class members like astronauts, freed from gravity, and more importantly freed from any impact whatsoever. Zero Gravity HIIT showcases the advantages of exercising in the deep end of the pool.  Watch a trailer below.

Blog Summary

  • What is the big deal about training in zero gravity?
  • Deep Water fitness has advantages over exercising in the shallow end.
  • Zero Gravity HIIT provides instructors with a simple template of building combinations out of two moves, as well as a pre-cued music playlist.
  • The video was filmed in-water, but Mark demonstrates how the moves would be taught on deck.
  • Watch a Behind the Scenes video with Mark and discover what goes into filming a Fitmotivation video.
  • Phase 1 of the new site is finally here.  Read a blog and watch a video detailing the new improvements. 

As you check out this latest video, Zero Gravity HIIT with Mark, you should notice some big changes on the site. Yes...finally! After months of delays, the short-handed tech team has released phase 1 of the changes – a new look.  For more on the new changes, scroll to end of this article - or Read/Watch this blog

Why Zero Gravity?
In outer space, there is no gravity and that is why astronauts float around and do cool things like somersaults in midair. Here on earth, the downward force of gravity would prevent floating. But there is one place that you can float around and do amazing things. Put on a flotation and get in the deep end of the pool.  Freed from gravity and suspended by the upward forces of buoyancy, your body will float like it does in outer space. Not only is this fun and unlike any other land fitness activity, it is a heck of a core workout.  It is the core muscles that reposition your body from vertical to horizontal and back to vertical again. 

The Deep Water Advantage
Aside from creative exercise options and a great core workout, there are other advantages to exercising in the deep end. First and foremost, there is no impact on your joints. Without impact, you can unleash your inner athlete and work at a very high intensity with powerful and explosive exercises. Additionally, in deep water you are submerged up to your neck and that means that all of the working muscles are submerged in the water’s resistance, which provides a total-body muscle conditioning workout. Watch Mark talk more about zero gravity and the advantages of deep-water fitness.

Zero Gravity HIIT Class Template
Sometimes simple is best. Zero Gravity HIIT features eight working segments. The structure of this routine follows a playlist that I found on one of the royalty-free music sites I use for video production. Power Music’s HIIT 3 playlist includes 10 individual tracks that feature 6 cycles of :30 work/:15 rest, followed by 1 minute of recovery. The bpm is 144, which is really fast for deep-water exercise. However, because this is a HIIT workout, the participants are encouraged to work at their own pace. Yes, in the video, I was trying to keep up with the cadence because it provided a challenge for me.  But it is important to encourage class members to work at their own pace. The music used in HIIT workouts is typically only used for motivational purposes, or in this case as a timing instrument. In this class template, each of the eight working segments includes two combinations (Combo A and Combo B). Each combination includes just two moves which makes them simple to teach.  Since there are 6 cycles, the format for each working segment is as follows:
Cycle 1: Combo A
Cycle 2:  Combo B
Cycle 3:  Combo A
Cycle 4:  Combo B
Cycle 5:  Both A & B
Cycle 6:  Both A & B

Deck Instruction Challenges
Deep water fitness is much more challenging to lead from deck than shallow water because the instructor has to simulate zero gravity movement on the deck in full-on gravity.  Over the years I have prayed for levitational skills to assist my deep-water instruction, but sadly they have never manifested. The best we can do is instruct deep water exercises from a chair or stool and with props. Watch Mark demonstrate all of the Zero Gravity HIIT exercises on deck.

If you are looking to spice up your deep-water fitness classes, try adding some vertical to horizontal movement to take advantage of this zero-gravity environment. High intensity, no impact, killer cardio, leg and core work…Zero Gravity HIIT is sure to be a hit with your class members.?  Go behind-the-scenes with Mark and discover what goes into the filming of a Fitmotivation video.

NEW WEBSITE IS FINALLY HERE!   If you are feeling lost by the changes, join Mark for a mini tour of the improvements in the Phase 1 launch.  Read the New Website Blog and watch the video below. 


Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.