Dual-Depth High Intensity Intervals

Thursday, August 11 2022

Ashley B is back with another video, this time showcasing dual depth HIIT programming, which is one of her favorite formats to teach. Deep or Shallow, Split SplAsh will help you learn how to design high intensity intervals with simple base moves, creating a fun, effective and easy-to-teach aquatic fitness class. 

Blog Summary

  • Dual depth programming has become more common within the industry.  What is it and why should you consider creating dual depth classes?
  • Split SplAsh combines both dual depth programming and HIIT for a guaranteed popular class.
  • The high intensity intervals in Split SplAsh are designed with base moves & variations so that they are easy to teach and easy to follow.
  • Create your own Split Splash with a template of the intervals.

This 50-minute dual-depth class format includes four types of high intensity intervals, utilizing base moves that work well in both depths of the pool.  Included in this blog is a template for the routine so that you can drop your favorite moves into the intervals and create your own Split SplAshes. 

Why Dual Depth?  
Dual depth classes can be taught in both deep and shallow water simultaneously without any modifications required.  The only way this can be achieved is if the instructor does their due diligence and makes sure that the moves can be executed in both depths. Offering members a dual-depth class is all about providing the best of customer service.  Aqua fitness enthusiasts have strong preferences for the depth they exercise in. Dual-depth classes also maximize optimal space in traditional lap lane pools when classes are only allotted a couple lap lanes. 

Combining Two Popular Formats
Ashley gives us a winning format by combining dual-depth with HIIT.  HIIT videos are among the most popular on Fitmotivation, as is dual-depth.  Therefore a dual-depth HIIT class is sure to be a HIT with our subscribers and their class members.  HIIT works really well with dual-depth programming because the exercises used in high intensity timed intervals tend to be simple base moves that are performed with all-out intensity.  Most base moves work in both depths.  Choreography is a little trickier to pull off because there are typically more layers of intricacy built in. 

Split SplAsh Interval Designs
This format features four different high intensity intervals, each with different work and recovery timing ratios.  In the video, Ashley demonstrates different ways to keep track of the timing, including a simple clock, an interval timer app and the phrasing of the music.  The four types of intervals are repeated in the second half of the video with different base moves and variations.  The point here is to demonstrate just how easy it is to create a dual-depth HIIT program when using base moves and simple timing ratios.  Watch Ashley talk more about Split Splash.

Create your own Split SplAsh
HIIT is honestly one of the easiest formats for instructors to teach.  All you have to do is set up your intervals with timing ratios and then drop base moves and their variations into the work cycles.  If your recovery times are less than 15 seconds, you don’t even need a recovery exercise.   Just cue complete rest.  If recovery times are over 15 seconds, then you will want to encourage students to do some light movement during the rest period.  Still unconvinced that it is that easy?  Download or print the Split SplAsh template and simply drop in some of your favorite base moves and variations.  The best part of a template is that you can recreate it over and over with fresh moves. 

If you do not have the space or ability to lead a dual depth class, then feel free to use this template in either deep or shallow water.  In this scenario, you can add exercises that are more specific to the depth.  Fitmotivation extends another big THANK YOU to Ashley for providing subscribers with top-notch programming.  Ab Blast, a 20-minute noodle video with Ashley will post later this month. 


Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.