Fitmotivation: Past to Present

Tuesday, July 02 2019

What is Fitmotivation?

In one sentence…

Fitmotivation provides online education, workshops and videos for fitness professionals and pool workouts for aquatic enthusiasts.

How did Fitmotivation get started? (Be sure to also check out my blog posting, My Favorite Kickboxing Combination, for a fun history of how I transitioned from land to water.)



Two years after I started teaching aquatic fitness, my aquatic kickboxing classes in

Rochester, NY were packed and other instructors were starting to attend. With

great angst, I decided to share my class routine with instructors by becoming an

AEA CEC Provider. My first course, Kickboxing Waves, was taught in Buffalo,

Rochester and Syracuse.


The Fitmotivation name was selected and the website was launched. IAFC 2003 in

Sanibel, Florida was the first conference I ever taught at. Talk about being nervous.

And yes, I sucked. Since Fitmotivation was also offering land workshops, I also

became a CEC provider with ACE and AFAA in 2003. That fall I taught the first

Fitmotivation workshop outside of New York State in Randolph, NJ.


Fitmotivation started filming DVDs for every workshop offered. The first aqua DVDs

were filmed in an aerobic studio. I would like to burn all those DVDs filmed in 2005!

This was also the year I became an AEA Training Specialist.


Tara Palmer joins Fitmotivation as an instructor


H20 Choreo to Go & Fluid Strength Combos was filmed and Fitmotivation’s first

home study program was developed to go with this combo DVD. The H2O/Fluid

Combo DVD is still the highest selling DVD of all time for Fitmotivation. This was

also the year I started working closely with AEA as a consultant.


By now I was teaching Fitmotivation workshops all over the USA, mainly through

AEA events, my own workshops and at conferences. The Liquid Hi/Lo and Liquid

Flex & Flow combo DVD was filmed this year.


Fitmotivation was relocated from Rochester, NY to Syracuse, NY. Three DVDs were

filmed this year, Aqua Cardio Blast, Deep Leverage and the combo DVD, Pool

Kickboxing Classics and Pool Muscle Mixers.


Fitmotivation relocates to Florida. No more winter weather for me! Hip hip hooray!



As you can see, Fitmotivation has primarily been about teaching CEC workshops on

the road and selling DVDs to fitness professionals – mostly aquatic fitness

professionals. This past spring, three things happened that made me rethink this

business model.

  1. For the first time ever, I really LOOKED at my Youtube channel, the videos, the views and the analytics of where these views were coming from. Wow. I had a lot of international viewers and subscribers. I was also sadly aware that many of these international viewers were interested in my videos but that my website was not overly friendly for internationals – and nor was the shipping cost.

  2. While doing DVD inventory, I decided to compare 2013 sales with previous years. I was rather dismayed to see that there had been a consistent yearly decline in overall DVD sales every year since 2008.

  3. Florida. Simply put, I feel like I live in paradise now. When I lived in New York, I wanted to travel anywhere to get out of the gloom. And travel I did. By 2008, I was averaging 20-25 weekends on the road. While I have felt truly blessed to have such a fun job and to travel all over meeting fun instructors (and I still feel blessed!), I wouldn’t mind traveling a bit less, especially in the winter when the weather is gorgeous in Florida and not so much every where else.

Thinking about these factors, I went back to the laboratory to cook up a new

business model for Fitmotivation.

To Be Continued…

The New Fitmotivation: Why I Did It?

Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.