Tuesday, July 02 2019

Fitmotivation 3.0 will be launching in phases over the next couple months.  An all-new look, enhanced features and important changes to audio workouts will roll out in mid September. 

Important Changes to Audio Workouts (MAY REQUIRE ACTION)

Currently, Premium Pro Plan subscribers can download audio downloads for FREE.  That won’t change!   However, when the first phase of Fitmotivation 3.0 launches in in mid-September, only the MOST RECENT AUDIO DOWNLOAD will be FREE to download for Premium subscribers.  All other audio downloads will be available in the Fitmotivation Online Store for purchase. (Subscribers get 50% off).   If you are unfamiliar with the audio downloads, these are verbally cued workouts that you can exercise along with in the pool. In the past two months, 3 new audio downloads were posted:  Aqua Body Blast, Strength is Balance and Water Warrior.  Not everyone is interested in this feature, but if you are a Premium subscriber and interested, you need to download the free audio files NOW onto your devices, while ALL are free. You have until September 13.   As of September 14, only the most recent audio download will be FREE to download.   

And so again, essentially, nothing changes, Premium subscribers still receive FREE audio downloads, but you must download the most recent one before the next one is posted in 30-45 days.  This change was required because audio downloads will start posting once every month.  Simply put, it would not be fair to loyal subscribers for someone to subscribe for one month – download 15 or more audio files – and then cancel.    As for Basic Pro plan members, nothing has changed except the audio files will be able to be purchased for $7.50 (instead of $9.00) with a 50% subscriber discount) directly from the Fitmotivation store. 

New Look
Wow! There are now 105 videos posted.  That is a lot of scrolling.  A revised video page was sorely needed.  Subscribers and visitors will now be able to access full length and preview videos much easier via categories. 

Another feature that is long overdue is the ability for subscribers to select favorite videos and keep them stored separately for quicker access.  Thanks to those who have requested this feature.  Ask and you shall receive!

Online Education
A new tab in the navigation bar will now feature an entire page devoted to online education.   There are currently 10 online CEC quizzes worth 2.0 AEA CECS each – soon to be 11.   The quizzes are somewhat buried in the current site and subscribers have to hunt through 100 videos to find the associated video.  With the coming changes, the video will appear with the associated quiz on the Online Ed page.   If you are an AFAA or ACE certified instructor and would be interested in utilizing these quizzes for CECs, please provide feedback.  Thus far, they have not been accredited for ACE or AFAA CECs because there simply has not been enough interest or requests.     

In Fitmotivation 2.0, a comment feature was launched to allow subscribers to comment on the videos.   Unfortunately, the comment feature was limited in that the video instructor and other subscribers could not reply to the comment.  Not good.  Let’s just say that is a work in progress and in October we hope to launch a revised Comment feature.   But please continue to comment on the videos because it helps others make viewing & purchasing decisions.    

As of now, these are the site improvements and changes expected in the 3.0 upgrades in September and October.   My web tech would kill be for saying that because he has busted his butt on TONS of other 3.0 changes that can’t be seen.  
Stay tuned because a really big and really exciting upgrade is in the planning stages for November/December.  

Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.