Tuesday, July 02 2019

The above video preview is for Fluid Strength Combos, posted in the Premium Pro Plan on 12/9/15.  This preview was edited from the original Youtube preview and enhanced.

Fluid Strength Combos was produced in 2007, along with H2O Choreo to Go and this double DVD remains Fitmotivation’s all time top-selling DVD.  Fluid Strength Combos featured seven combinations that included choreography for hand buoys, noodles and mind & body.

Below is an outline of the seven combinations in FLUID STRENGTH COMBOS

#1       Hand Buoys/Single Arm
This first combination uses just one hand buoy with a combination of drag resisted (horizontal) movement and buoyant resisted (downwards) movement.  Several moves are sequenced for upper body flow.

#2       Hand Buoys/Planking
This combination features an ultra-creative scenario of movement that transitions from front to rear plank positions with shoot thrus.  Planking isn’t the only thing going on here.  Upper body exercises with the buoys are combined with lower body movements for maximal core control and total body involvement.  

#3       Noodle/ Lower Body Choreography
The noodle is beloved for its versatility.  You can use the noodle for resistance training and you can float on the noodle to perform exercises.  You can also place the noodle under the foot and perform lower body exercises.  This combination features four different lower body movements that are taught and then flowed together to create a choreographed segment that enhances balance, toning and core control.

#4       Noodle/Abs
Students love to work their abs and the noodle provides the neutral buoyancy for a modified supine position that allows for gravity and balance resisted spinal flexion.  This was the first time I introduced the “diamond-legged Ab Rocker” in a workshop and DVD.   The theory behind the diamond legs is that by externally rotating the hips, students would be less likely to use their hip flexors by bending and extending their legs.   The “Ab Rocker” move was designed to more effectively isolate the abdominal rectus as the primary movement producer.

#5       Noodle/Planking
This video features planking with both hand buoys and noodles and it was the first time I introduced planking in one of my workshops and DVDs.  Nine years ago, planking was all the rage on land but it had yet to make a big splash in aquatic fitness.  The workshop participants and DVD viewers LOVED the planking.  This video includes planking movements in front, rear and side plank positions with arm and leg variations layered in to amp up the challenge. 

#6       Pilates/Standing Movements
The planking, Pilates, Ai Chi and yoga exercises in this video were all inspired by the Aqua Pi-Yo-Chi™ System developed by Dr. Mary Wykle.  In 2007, I started teaching this course as an AEA Training Specialist.  Many of the Pilates movements in this course are taught with the wall providing the back support for traditional mat work exercises.  Unfortunately, the pool I was teaching at did not have usable wall space.  Therefore, I incorporated many of the Pilates moves as ‘standing’ exercises.  This video provides a sequenced combination featuring some of these standing Pilates exercises.

#7       Ai Chi & Yoga/Stretching
The Aqua Pi-Yo-Chi course helped me to reinvent the stale stretch routine I was doing in my classes.  Revamping my final stretch with yoga poses for flexibility was a great way to introduce yoga into the chilly pool I taught at.  The Aqua Pi-Yo-Chi course also provides an introduction to Ai Chi. The Ai Chi movements help maintain thermal warmth during the stretching, as well as providing tranquil transitions for one yoga pose to the other.  The Aqua Pi-Yo-Chi manual, priced at just $25.00, is the BEST investment you will ever make.  It features photos, explanations, contraindications and movement tutorials for over 40 Ai Chi, Pilates and yoga exercises.   It is available for purchase in AEA’s AKWA Shop.   

If you are looking for ideas to reinvent the end of your class or to utilize in body conditioning or warm water pools – this IS the video for you.  It is currently streaming on the Fitmotivation website in the Premium Pro Plan ($24.95 monthly) with 44 other videos.   There is no commitment beyond one month and in my opinion $24.95 is a pretty darn cheap way to watch 44 full-length aquatic fitness videos.

Basic Pro Plan subscribers ($14.95) can watch Fluid Strength Combos and the 14 other videos that are exclusively streaming in the Premium Pro Plan simply by going to their account settings and switching plans for a month.  It will only cost $10.00 or less, depending on how far you are into your monthly billing cycle to view those 15 videos.  Keep in mind, you will renew as a Premium subscriber until you switch back.

Next month, the video, Deep Core Challenge, will be added exclusively into the Premium Pro Plan. 


Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.