Run2Strength Deep

Wednesday, November 11 2020

AquaGym Fitness (AGF) and Stephanie Newberry are back with another one of their signature exercise templates.  This one may look familiar.  Run2Strength Deep is a sequel to their first AGF workout, Run2Strength.  Designed for deep water, this pool workout can be performed in shallow water with slight modifications.

Filled with lots of acrobatic and athletic action, this circuit workout includes 10 blocks of exercises.   The first 9 blocks are each 4-minutes and include a 1-minute ramp up run followed by three exercises performed with timed intervals.  Keeping with AGF tradition, Block #10 is a BLOCKBUSTER as all of the moves are performed together.  “Last set, best set!”

Run2Strength Deep Workout Template
This is the 7th AGF Workout to post.  All AGF workouts feature a precise timed template.  Below is what you can expect in the template

Ramp Up Run
All 10 blocks begin with the signature AGF Ramp-up Run.  This 1-minute run is broken into three 20 second segments, each progressing in intensity and energy output.  Ideally, the ramp-up run should be traveled to increase the intensity.  However, if your pool space is limited, the ramp-run can be performed stationary. 
Block #1
Exercises #1 - #3 are introduced and performed two times for 30 seconds each for a total of 3 minutes after the 1-minute ramp-up run.  Adding an extra layer of structure to the template, the third exercise in each block is a combination of the first two exercises. 
Block #2
Exercises #4 - #6 are performed with the same timing as the first block.
Block #3
Exercises #1 - #6 are performed for 30 seconds each.
Block #4
Exercises #7 - #9 are performed with the same timing as the first block.
Block #5
Exercises #10 - #12 are added in. 
Block #6
Exercises #7 - #12 are performed for 30 seconds each.
Block #7
This block features exercises #13 - #15.
Block #8
The last three exercises, #16 - #18 are added in.
Block #9
Exercises #13 - #18 are performed for 30 seconds each.
Block #10
Last set, best set!  All 18 exercises are performed for 30 seconds each after the last ramp-up run.

Deep Water Benefits
Exercising in deep water means zero gravity and zero impact.  This is a huge deal for people with joint mobility issues.  If a person gave up jogging because it hurts, the good news is that they can sprint as hard and as fast as they want in deep water.  Deep water running with a flotation belt is a popular way to burn calories and get fit. As Stephanie demonstrates in the Run2Strength Deep workout, exercising in zero gravity provides athletic and acrobatic opportunities that could never be achieved in land-based exercise or even in shallow water exercise.  Deep water exercise also unloads the spine and makes exercise more possible for people with back issues.  WATCH Stephanie explain the unique benefits of deep water.

Flotation Belt
The Run2Strength Deep workout must be performed with a flotation belt.  I know I post the video below all the time, but there are reasons beyond safety as to why a belt should be worn in deep water fitness.  WATCH why.

Shallow Modifications
The Run2Strength Deep workout can be performed in shallow water with slight modifications.  One simple modification would be to just wear a flotation belt in the shallow end so that you can perform suspended activities more effectively.  Keep in mind, some body types have more buoyancy and can suspend more easily, others not so much.  However, even with a flotation belt, Stephanie says there is one exercise that definitely needs to be modified.  According to her, the vertical flutter will not work in the shallow end and she asks her shallow water participants to do a quick slider cross country ski instead.  “Imagine sliding your feet on the pool bottom in a quick small cross country move, pumping your arms as if  holding the handles of an Elliptical machine.”

Whether you teach this workout in deep or shallow water, we suspect Run2Strength Deep will become one of your “go-to” workouts during the next couple months.  Vigorous exercise is a great way to combat the extra calories that many enjoy during the festive holiday season. 


Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.