Tuesday, July 02 2019

The above video preview is for S’WET Deep, which was posted on October 14, 2015

She’s back!  Jenni Lynn is back with another athletic aqua adventure and this time it is in the deep end. S’WET Deep features 34 intense drills & swills for deep water, many of which can be modified for shallow use.  The full video includes 4 pages of detailed notes.

If you liked the wall work in S’WET Boot Camp, you are going to LOVE the wall work in S’WET Deep.  I have been using many of these exercises in my own pool workouts and loving the challenge and the core burn.  The legs & abs segment features unique variations of jumping jacks and shoot thrus (front & side) designed to power up the lower body, fire up the core and burn up some calories.  Jenni Lynn uses the Aqua Sphere Ergo Bells in the equipment segment; however, small hand bars can be substituted for most of the exercises.  Core stability, muscular control and some Pilates flavor are featured in the equipment segment.

Recently, I received a comment from a subscriber asking if certain exercises shown in a couple of recently posted videos, including S’WET Boot Camp adhered to AEA Guidelines?  The short answer was ‘No’.  As discussed in the recent video interview I did with Jenni Lynn, I thought long and hard on this and decided that I want Fitmotivation to be a resource that depicts ALL types of programming designed for ALL fitness levels.

It is my opinion that the onus for deciding what exercises should and should not be performed or introduced in a class falls squarely on the shoulders of each viewer.  Specifically, I was asked if I thought the exercises with the dumbbells behind the knees (as shown in S’WET Boot Camp video) were safe?  My response:  I would never in a thousand million years do those exercises in my morning YMCA classes filled with older adults.  However, an instructor like Jenni Lynn who teaches evening classes in Manhattan to smaller groups of swimmers and sports enthusiasts most certainly can do those exercises in her class.

To drive the point further, Jenni Lynn asked me if she had to use a belt in the S’WET Deep video.  My response:  Please do!   As an AEA Training Specialist, I am well aware that this is a huge requirement in AEA’s Standards and Guidelines and I preach about it constantly at events.  However, I was curious and I asked her about her deep classes and her thoughts on belts.  

Jenni Lynn:  I do allow students to participate in a deep class without a floatation belt or noodle depending on their level of experience in the class or in swimming. After years of teaching aquatic fitness, I can tell if a student has strong swimming skills or they will tell me that they are an experienced swimmer. Some of the experienced/advanced students love the challenge of maintaining form and speed without the use of any floatation assistance. Many of these participants become stronger swimmers or learn to swim from these challenges in the water class. AEA strongly recommends the use of floatation belts while in deep water and I agree with this. I start all of my students using a belt, progressing to straddling a noodle and then using nothing. Not all of my students want to take floatation away, and that’s fine, so I do offer two or three options for each exercise while in the deep end, encouraging everyone to participate at their own level.

As an AEA certified instructor and training specialist, I very much stand behind AEA Standards & Guidelines and adhere to them in my own classes.  As the founder of Fitmotivation, I intend to offer a variety of viewpoints and programming and leave it up to the subscriber to decide what is appropriate for themselves and for their students. 

This isn’t just grandma’s exercise anymore.  There is a new generation of aqua enthusiasts who are legitimizing aquatic fitness as their preferred sport.  Honestly, I am thrilled to witness this and I love watching the fun class videos Jenni Lynn posts on her Facebook page showing this new face of aquatic exercise.  I want to personally extend a big thank-you to Jenni Lynn for energizing Fitmotivation with her unique brand of JenniLynnFitness and aqua sport. 

Stay tuned for more Fitness Friends and more unique aquatic fitness programming.

Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.