Shoots and Ladders Aqua Class

Wednesday, January 24 2024

Ready…set…go! Let the games begin. Join Stephanie Newberry in Shoots and Ladders, an AquaGym Fitness workout that showcases their signature progressive moves and fast-paced interval style. Each segment features a power (cardio) move and a shooting (core) move taught with ascending/descending ladder timing. This fun aqua fitness circuit class can be taught in either deep or shallow water. 



New Quick Overview Concept
The full 48-minute Shoots & Ladders video is accompanied by a second “Quick Overview” summary video, which is only 3:30 minutes in length. This Quick Overview is a test! In past surveys, we have received comments from instructors that they often don’t have time to watch a full video, or that the videos have too much repetition. With that said, keep in mind that we post full-length aquatic fitness workouts, and a good workout should have repetition. However, this video was a good one to test the Quick Overview approach because there are only 14 exercise/combinations. A Quick Overview is meant to quickly glance at the exercises mentioned in the notes. The combination of a Quick Overview video and notes is essential. One cannot exist without the other. Quick Overview videos can help instructors quickly take a new class to their students or can serve as a quick visual reminder of the exercises if they watched the full video and forget what an exercise looked like. This is a test. If instructors like it, we will offer Quick Overview with select videos, particularly those taught in interval or circuit style with limited exercises and lots of repetition.
How will we know if subscribers like this?  Two Ways.  1. Take the 2024 Winter Survey.  2. Leave a comment under the Quick Overview video by scrolling down to the comment area. Except for a few loyal subscribers who leave comments under the videos, we simply do not receive any feedback on videos and have no idea if subscribers want more or less of the content. Leaving a comment under the video is simple. The comments are powered by Disqus, a 3rd party comment provider. Just sign up for a Disqus account as seen in the image below.

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What is a Progressive move?
AquaGym Fitness templates created by Stephanie have become a subscriber favorite because their easy-to-follow templates and challenging routines are well received by class members.  This aquatic fitness class template puts the focus on their signature progressive moves. In this video and in previous videos, a typical progressive move includes a combination of two exercises, with one of the exercises adding on a repetition each time the combination is performed. In Shoots & Ladders, Stephanie increases the challenge with double and triple progressive moves. A double progressive move means that both exercises increase repetitions each time the combination is performed. A triple progressive move features three exercises in a combination and all three exercises increase reps each time the combination is performed.

Aquatic Fitness Class-at-a-Glance
This 48-minute aquatic fitness video includes a short warm-up, cool down and seven exercise segments. Each of the of the seven exercise segments includes two moves/combinations, one for cardio and one for core. All the exercise segments are taught with ascending and descending ladder timing.
Exercise Segment #1:  Ascending timing (4 minutes) :20, :40, 60 seconds
Exercise Segment #2:  Ascending timing (4 minutes) :20, :40, 60 seconds
Exercise Segment #3:  Descending timing (4 minutes) 60, :40, :20 seconds
Exercise Segment #4:  Descending timing (4 minutes) 60, :40, :20 seconds
Exercise Segment #5:  Ascending & Descending timing (6 minutes) :20, :40, 60, :40, :20 seconds
Exercise Segment #6:  Ascending & Descending timing (6 minutes) :20, :40, 60, :40, :20 seconds
Exercise Segment #7:  Ascending & Descending timing (6 minutes) :20, :40, 60, :40, :20 seconds
Watch Stephanie explain more and then read more about why she loves progressive moves.



The Progressive Challenge
By Stephanie Newberry
"Shoots and Ladders" is more than a cute name for a class, it is is an amazing circuit/interval workout that highlights AquaGym Fitness’s signature "Progressive Moves.”  Like many other instructors, I have been with some groups for a long time, and I have found imperative to keep them engaged and interested in their aquatic fitness classes. There are many ways that can be done, such as using fun and engaging music, having structured classes, and striving to be a vibrant instructor. Teaching new combinations also helps. Over the past few years, I began putting combinations together and adding on repetitions to these combinations and the concept of "Progressive Moves" was born. Progressive moves are typically taught for a set amount of time, but they also require your client to count repetitions. If you have ever had a chatty class, this is an effective way to quiet them down because everyone is concentrating on counting their own repetitions. Shoots and Ladders is designed to help the instructor slowly introduce the concept of progressive moves to their class members. The segments begin with simple basic moves and then as you move through the class the progressions are introduced. By the end of this class, the students will be progressing up to 3 moves at a time, which we call a triple progression.
As an instructor this class is functional for the shallow, deep or a blended group class. The timing sequence is easy and works perfectly for any playlist at 135bpm. My clients love the YESGo! Fitness playlist The Legends of Soul.  Enjoy the power of the water and the power of progression with AquaGym Fitness! See You In The Pool!


Fitmotivation extends a big thank you to Stephanie for providing yet another interesting class format to the platform. Check out Stephanie’s impressive library of videos. And once again, please provide feedback on the Quick View video so we know whether to give this idea time and energy. Yes, as you guessed, the extra work falls squarely on my shoulders. 

Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.