Simple Template for High Intensity Aqua

Tuesday, April 19 2022

Spring has sprung and it is always a good time to roll out high intensity cardio classes because the students are often keen on getting in their best shape for the summer months. If you need a high intensity cardio format, AquaGym Fitness has just the template for you.  Crazy Combos is an aqua cardio blast that can be taught in both deep and shallow water.   


  • Crazy Combos features several combinations of three moves.
  • How do templates help you teach better classes?  Watch Stephanie explain. 
  • Review sample template for creating your own Crazy Combo class.
  • What is a good 135 bpm playlist to use?  Stephanie has a custom mix for you.
  • Teach Crazy Combos in both deep and shallow water for a completely different outcome.
  • Watch a behind-the-scenes video of the AquaGym Fitness April 2022 video production.

What is a crazy combo?
The AquaGym Fitness (AGF) team led by Stephanie Newberry now has 16 videos posted on the Fitmotivation streaming platform.  The AGF videos are a subscriber favorite for instructors looking for high intensity aqua classes.  The Crazy Combos template is similar to Power Trios, AGF Workout #8.  Both class templates feature combinations that include three exercises.  In Power Trios, the second and third exercises are variations of the first move.  In their latest video, the first and second exercises are combined to create the third move, resulting in some Crazy Combos. 

Teach better classes with a template
Crazy Combos is based on a precise structure, as are most other AGF videos.  Class templates provide a framework that allows you to repurpose the workout over and over again simply by dropping in new moves.  Changing the exercise selection provides a different outcome and results.  Simply put, classes based on templates provide better results.  They require less effort for the instructor to create and teach.  And they are easier for the class participants to understand and follow along with.  Chances are you have taken a class from a fellow instructor where the routine was a mish mash of moves that were taught with little structure or purpose.  Having been on the other end of that experience, you can better appreciate the benefits a template provides. Check out a sample template for creating your own Crazy Combos workout.   Watch Stephanie talk more about how templates can help you teach better classes.

Music Playlist
The music used in the video was DJ Club Mix, which is 135 bpm and available for download in Muscle Mixes Virtual Music category.  Stephanie shared one of the Yes! Fitness Music custom mix links she uses when she teaches Crazy Combos.  You can edit and download for $15.00 or download for free if you subscribe to the Yes!Go mobile app.   

The Birth of Dual Depth
Dual depth programming is now widely prevalent in the industry and I am proud to say that I coined the term.  I taught my first dual depth class at the International Aquatic Fitness Conference (IAFC) 10 years ago.  IAFC 2012 was the 25th anniversary of the annual conference and huge numbers were expected. AEA’s Executive Director, Angie Proctor, asked all those who were leading classes in the finale to teach a routine that could be done in both depths so that the entire pool could be utilized.  Shortly after, I moved to Florida and taught at a busy YMCA where the classes spread out over both the shallow and deep ends of the pool.  I had no choice but to learn how to create routines for both depths.  Starting in 2014, I began offering workshops and conference sessions for “dual depth” programs.   

Deep or shallow? Which is better?   
Deep water workouts are typically more challenging for people with lean or muscular body types.  However, please note that it can be equally challenging in shallow water because of all the suspended activity without a flotation belt.   People with achy hip, knee or ankle joints tend to prefer deep water exercise, as do those with back pain and spinal issues.  Deep water exercise delivers an exceptional core workout.  If you teach Crazy Combos in shallow water, your students will be able to rebound off the pool floor, which can add intensity.  In the end, the outcome for Crazy Combos feels different in both depths and the instructor essentially ends up with TWO routines with a dual depth program. 

Fitmotivation extends a big thank you to Stephanie Newberry and her team, Perrin Billie (deep water) and Crystal Goodin (shallow water), all of whom are located in the Fernandina Beach/Jacksonville area of Florida.  The AGF team returned to Sarasota earlier this month to film three more videos.  Enjoy an exclusive behind-the-scenes video documenting their April 2022 filming.   




Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.