Tuesday, July 02 2019

Get them warmed up, get them moving and pumped with cardio and then what? For aquatic fitness instructors, this is usually when we roll out the dumbbell cart or the noodle barrel and cringe at the thought of doing the same exercises we have been doing since the first George Bush was president.

Good news! Help has arrived to resuscitate the end of your classes. Aquatic Endings just posted on the Fitmotivation website in the Premium Pro category. In 2011, I created this workshop and DVD because I was sick to death of doing the SAME exercises at the end of my classes. I needed a revamp. Boxing, core, upper body, noodles, balance, yoga, Pilates and more - the full-length Aquatic Endings video features NINE different class endings, often called “optional activities” in industry lingo.

#1 Boxing Ending

Students love to work their arms and that is why kickboxing combinations are always popular in my classes. In fitness kickboxing there are four traditional punches – jabs, cross punches, hook shots and upper cuts. The punch combination in this video is taught with add-on instruction and maximizes intensity with variations in tempo, rhythm, direction and velocity. For more kickboxing ideas on the Fitmotivation website check out...

#2 Core Ending

Who doesn’t love to work their mid-section? We all know there is no such thing as “spot conditioning” but psychologically it just feels good to target a problem area. This vertical core combination is taught with add-on instruction and features creative changes in tempo and impact levels that challenge more from your core. For more vertical core ideas on the Fitmotivation website, check out...

#3 Upper Body Ending

Get ready to blow some brain cells in your classes with this monster arm pattern. Designed to work every major muscle group in the upper body, eight anatomical arm movements are paired together in one epic arm combination. Do all eight arm movements standing at 1⁄2 tempo, then tempo, then add a jog, then add a ski and then blow the class away with all eight arm moves performed with a jack. At the very least, it is fun to watch. For more ideas for arm movements and arm patterns on the Fitmotivation website...

#4 Noodle Resistance Ending

When you are looking to use noodles for resistance training – may I suggest the “Big Daddy” pool noodles? My favorite noodles for resistance training are the Hydro-Fit noodles – they are the denser, white noodles. Trying to get all muscled up with a pathetic, soggy, chewed up noodle simply will not cut it. The noodle resistance routine in this video is taught with pyramid choreography and by the time you get to the final cut, your triceps will be smoking if you are using a denser noodle.

#5 Noodle Abs – Horizontal

Pathetic, soggy, chewed up noodles aren’t going to cut it here either. The noodle is supposed to provide neural buoyancy when positioning your body in modified supine position to engage in spinal flexion. A soggy noodle isn’t going to float you. In this noodle routine, the noodle is placed in traditional horizontal position across your back. This abdominal noodle adventure includes some spins, twists and rolls and is definitely not great grandma’s ab routine. For more basic noodle ab ideas on the Fitmotivation website and an opportunity to earn AEA CECS, check out...

#6 Noodle Abs – Vertical

You know the drill by now. Kick that soggy noodle to the curb and get out the dense noodles for this wicked ab routine. The challenge here is that the noodle is placed vertical behind your back, which introduces a balance challenge and greater recruitment of the core muscles. This ab combination features some Pilates inspired flavor and some gut burning moves. It is also a heaping dose of fun watching the students try to balance their bodies on the vertically placed noodle. NOT for everyone!

#7 Noodle Planking

Exercises that feature planking with the noodle have definitely gained popularity over the years. Once again, NOT for everyone. All bodies are built differently as are water shoes. Some people have a heck of a time keeping their toes on the pool floor because their legs float. Shallower waters are helpful here. The planking combination in this video features 6 different plank variations (front & side) that can be sequenced together or taught linear.

#8 Balance Ending

Incorporating some balance training in your aqua classes is always a good idea given the older population we tend to teach. While there are various ways to train balance, this video features one method that involves changing arm and leg patterns. Four different arm patterns are blended with four lower body balance positions, with each change in arm patterning representing a stimulus for balance control.

#9 Pi-Yo-Chi Ending

In 2007, I started teaching the AEA daylong course Aqua Pi-Yo-Chi, which was developed by Dr. Mary Wykle. Since then, I have been a fan of incorporating mind & body programming into my traditional aqua classes. The combination in this video features a flowing final stretch that includes Ai Chi, Pilates and yoga movements. For more aqua mind & body ideas on the Fitmotivation website and an opportunity to earn AEA CECS, check out...

And there you have it! Nine different ways to stage a grand finale in your aqua classes.

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Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.