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The above video preview is for Strength & Stride, posted on 3/14/16

Fitmotivation video subscribers provide lots of suggestions regarding videos.  Recent suggestions have included mind & body, arthritis and balance content.  Good news!  A video just posted - Stride & Strength with Fitness Friend MaryBeth Dziubinski, encompassing many of these requests with an aqua workout that challenges the mind, body and balance. 
Known for her mind & body and balance programming, MaryBeth has been a leader in the aquatic fitness industry for the past two decades.  Many may recognize her as a former AEA Training Specialist and as a long-time presenter at AEA’s International Aquatic Fitness Conference (IAFC). MaryBeth is also well known to many as a senior fitness specialist.
Stride & Strength Essentials
Music: 128bpm
Music used in the video:  Synthoactif by Hydro-Actif - available in the USA in the Fitmotivation store (3/25/16) and in Europe in the Hydro-Actif store
Notes:  The choreography notes are available to Fitmotivation subscribers as a pdf download and are posted with the video

Check out the Fitmotivation Video Interview with MaryBeth for additional insights.
Why is this program called Stride & Strength?

MaryBeth:  As an instructor, you may ask yourself why stride in the water? The benefits include an opportunity to lengthen and strengthen musculature in the lower body, adjust and improve alignment of the spine, release muscle soreness and tension, improve gait, and improve lower body flexibility. Selecting moves, like a cross-country ski that can be performed in multiple planes of movement will balance the body and challenge the mind.
Do you use equipment in this program?
MaryBeth:  As a former competitive swimmer, I am a purist when it comes to water. In this workout, you will learn how to effectively use only the water to improve strength, balance and flexibility.
_What is an example of using strength with just the water?
MaryBeth:  When you progress from water tempo to double time, using 4 sets of 8, as I did with bicep curls and tricep pushbacks in a single leg stance, you fatigue the muscle quicker and build strength as you improve balance.
Let’s talk about balance, why is this important?
MaryBeth:  This workout includes single leg, dynamic balance moves because these work really well as fall prevention techniques. Balance begins to shift at age 40. Adding balance moves in you pool workout will improve your students confidence and balance on land.

There is also movement that helps improve posture.  Explain this?

MaryBeth:  Focusing on hip extension in a water exercise class is imperative as most of your students have tight hip flexors due to occupations and lifestyles. Tight hip flexors can even cause a change in posture and spinal alignment.
How can instructors use the Stride & Strength Programming in their classes?

MaryBeth:  The sequential, seamless movement patterns I created, allow your students to be able to find the move, feel the move and flow with the move in a supportive environment. This type of workout, can be utilized in full, or you can use segments to add to your existing cardio class, interval class, Tabata class, during the cool down, flexibility or relaxation phase.
What is the benefit of ending your class with an extended relaxation segment?
MaryBeth:  Research shows that many older adults suffer from depression, so providing a relaxation segment at the end of your class is essential to improving their wellbeing. Stretching overhead is functional to improve shoulder flexibility and is considered an activity of daily living (ADL). Bringing a sense of calm, accomplishment and relaxation will bring your students back to your class.

Stride & Strength is currently streaming on the Fitmotivation channel in the Basic Plan and can be viewed for $14.95/month, along with over 30 other full-length aquatic fitness videos.  There is no commitment beyond a month.  Log on and get busy creating amazing classes. Fitmotivation would like to extend a HUGE Thank You to Fitness Friend MaryBeth Dziubinski for sharing her expertise and talents with Fitmotivation video subscribers.

Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.