Tuesday, July 02 2019

NEW!  ALL NOTES ARE NOW EDITABLE.  Fitmotivation just launched a new feature that will allow subscribers to edit, customize and create notes and store them in their own personal Notes Studio.  Creating amazing classes just got a lot easier.

The notes have always been a big part of Fitmotivation’s success.  All 169 of the currently streaming videos have notes in the form of a PDF file that is downloadable and printable. Subscribers have always loved the fact that each streaming video comes with a notes handout.  Ever since I started producing DVDs in 2004, I always included notes because I thought it was important for instructors to have the written notes to follow along with. 


Despite the popularity of the notes, we have occasionally received feedback regarding frustration that the PDF files could not be copied & pasted or customized in any way.  As an instructor who has been documenting class routines since 1997 in Word documents, I can totally relate to this feedback.  Class creation for me involves “saving as” current documents, giving them a new title and then changing them to reflect new ideas or combinations copied and pasted from other documents.  I do this ALL THE TIME - every week, of every month, of every year.  


Thanks to the talented Fitmotivation web tech team, subscribers can now do the same thing with the video notes.  Having this ability is a game changer for class creation.  Not only will instructors keep their passion ignited with fresh, easily changeable routines; they will build their skills at designing innovative routines that meet the needs of their students.  




The video viewer has an all new look.
Open a video viewer and you will notice lots of changes, including a larger video screen and related videos that now SCROLL horizontally BELOW the viewer.   ABOVE the viewer you will see green tabs that allow you to PRINT, DOWNLOAD and most importantly EDIT the notes. 


Editing Notes.  Unlocking your creativity.
Clicking the green EDIT tab will open the notes in an editor.  Below are some ideas for using this new editing feature.

  •  Add your own ideas or instructions into the video notes
  • Copy & paste drills or choreography from other Fitmotivation video notes and paste them into the notes you are working with.
  • Add color to the notes to signify different components of the class structure.
  • Increase font size so that the notes can be more easily read from a distance.
  • Adjust any part of a routine to customize to your pool, population or programming.


Make a Copy

When you open an editor and want to make changes – the FIRST THING you should do is click the tab at the bottom – MAKE A COPY.   This is the same thing as clicking on “save as” in a word document.  Once you click this tab you make a clone of the notes and can customize as a new routine.  The video notes can be cloned as many times as you want by clicking on MAKE A COPY.


Saving Changes

Once you have clicked MAKE A COPY and then made changes – you must always click on the SAVE tab to save your changes.


My Notes Studio

All customized (SAVED) notes will be stored in your very own NOTES STUDIO.  The Notes Studio can be accessed from your Account Settings.  In the Notes Studio you will see all of your customized/cloned notes.  You can build an entire library of customized routines with unique titles and content changes based on the original notes of the Fitmotivation videos.  


Create a New Document

In addition to cloning video notes, you can create a routine from scratch in the Notes Studio by clicking on START A NEW DOCUMENT.  


Don’t be Follower.  Be a Creator!

The goal has always been to make Fitmotivation a training resource where instructors increase their knowledge and learn how to create routines rather than just follow them.  Teaching a routine that has been customized to your personality, pool, population and programming is a much better recipe for success than memorizing someone else’s routine. 


I’m so excited!
Fitmotivation has launched many new features over the last five years, but none have excited me as much as this one.   Thousands of aquatic fitness classes get taught each day around the globe.  I truly believe that the launch of Notes Studio will provide instructors with the ultimate class creator.  However, the ultimate winner in all of this is the millions of people who attend these amazing classes. 


Please share the love. 
If you are excited about this new feature please let us know.  Your feedback is WHY we created Notes Studio.  And if Fitmotivation has helped build your skills and grow your classes, please let others know by posting a comment below the video or blog.  Your comments encourage others to try the site and that means more cash flow for more cool features.  And if you are on Facebook please like the Fitmotivation page and post comments – or better yet post a review because this really helps.  The Fitmotivation Youtube Channel just hit 10,000 subscribers.   Are you one of them?

To all subscribers:  thank you for your ongoing support.   To those subscribers who go out of their way to post comments:  Thank you very much for making the effort to share your feedback and promote the site.   


Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.