Tuesday, July 02 2019

The above video is a preview for the WECOACH Land & H2O video, posted on 7/15/15


Fitness instructors are the ‘Maestros of Movement,” leading people to better health and fitness by moving them.  The movement should be purposeful and designed to provide results.  Every instructor should ask - “How can I make movement more meaningful?” 

A video just posted on the Fitmotivation website that will provide solutions to help you and your students move better.  WECOACH Land & H2O - watch it and gain a better understanding of how you can teach movement patterns that produce long-term benefits.   Water Exercise Coach (WECOACH) founder and fitness expert, Laurie Denomme, has dedicated her fitness career to making movement more meaningful.  From Stretch Fusion to Aqua Stretch and now WECOACH, Laurie has proven herself to be an expert in designing programming that not only helps people move better – but helps them feel better.

Fitmotivation recently asked Laurie about WECOACH and the most recently posted video.


FITMOTIVATION:  If someone asks you what WECOACH is – how do you respond?

LAURIE:  WECOACH is simple - water and land exercise formats making workouts easy to do – any time, any place.  Customized music helps the body tune-in to exercise movements and build stronger mind body connections.  Helping you move better is what we are all about.


FITMOTIVATION:  In the video, you show a jumping jack with unique arm patterns.  What is the WECOACH philosophy behind this kind of movement planning?

LAURIE:  WECOACH workouts are designed to help the body move better.  Whether you are looking to regain function after joint replacement, reduce low back or arthritis pain, or improve athletic performance the approach is the same.  Our exercises move the body in 6 directions – forward, back, right, left, right and left rotation.  This is to effectively give each joint the flexibility and strength it needs to do their job.  A body is only as strong as it’s weakest link.  If a part of the body is not doing it’s job, another part has to pick up the slack, causing that part to overwork and possibly wear and tear faster than it should, which may lead to injury, pain or dysfunction. 

In the video, Fitmotivation subscribers will see a jumping jack performed with several functional variations. The thinking behind the jumping jack combination is to make it more than just a frontal plane exercise.  Using arm patterns that reach in all three planes, we are able to create different reactions through the body.  You’ll notice the core, hips and ankles moving in a variety of ways in response to how the arms are reaching.  We use this same approach to warm up the ankles and also to sneak in some higher intensity bursts to demonstrate how to take this low impact functional move into a calorie burning exercise with purpose.


FITMOTIVATION:  In the video, you show three land-based exercises an instructor can do prior to a class.  What would be the purpose of doing these exercises?

LAURIE:  We take our students through a warm up in the pool so we understand the value of warming up.  However, many of us teach group exercise from the deck yet we do not prepare our body to work on that unforgiving cement deck.  Maybe you never thought about it like this before – thinking you are warming up as you warm up your students.  However, you have to remember your students have buoyancy.  So while a jog with the support of buoyancy makes sense for your students, we need to prepare our body to work in the gravitational environment we teach.

The three moves selected for this instructor deck prep routine are first done slowly to target mobility, then we add a little speed for stability. If you are limited on time you can even cut down the number of reps and complete this total body combination in as little as 2-3 minutes.


FITMOTIVATION:  If an instructor were to buy the WECOACH DVDs, what would they take away for their classes?  

LAURIE:  One of the reasons our workouts are so effective is because our exercises move the body in ways that are natural.  Instructors will learn how to prepare a workout that uses a balance of moves in the sagittal; frontal and transverse planes - which leads to better results.  Although each of our workouts integrates whole body moves, each DVD was created to focus the training on a specific objective.  If you are looking for a fun way to burn massive calories then try our Hi Yo Intervals.  Want to help your students target strength and mobility in the lower body?  Check out the DVD, Movements for Knees and Hips. The Abs and Back DVD uses flotation equipment to take advantage of sitting, side lying and floating positions to really get at the core.  The Movements for Mobility DVD provides ideas for targeting the whole body with flexibility, strength and cardio. 


So there you have it!   Want to learn more?  Interested in adding the WECOACH philosophy to your classes or your own personal workout routine?  Check out the WECOACH DVDs.

According to Laurie, you can take each DVD’s routine and teach a ‘ready made class’ or simply just add in a few of the WECOACH moves. 

WECOACH is also producing self-guided audio workouts.  There are currently two water audio workout CDs available.  You can workout to these CDs or use them to help practice different ways to cue the exercises in the DVDs. 

Interested in the WECOACH land workouts?   Check out the digital downloads for these land workouts.

And if you like the music in the video clip, you can purchase the Blue Rhythm Music CD for just $14.95.

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On behalf of Fitmotivation, big thanks to Laurie Denomme and Water Exercise Coach for providing Fitmotivation subscribers with this opportunity to get a sneak peak of WECOACH Land & H2O exercises.   We look forward to having her back!




Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.