Tuesday, July 02 2019

Ready for the pyramid challenge?  This routine features 5 combinations that include just two moves each.  Simple right?  The challenge comes when the combinations are instructed with descending reps - 16, 8, 4, 2 & 1.  The 2-move combinations are then added on to form a wet & wild fitness gauntlet.  Who will survive the sudden death round?

Why do I like this routine so much?  Athletic moves and high intensity drills are instructed with a simplified pyramid approach that both choreography fans and foes can enjoy.  Whether you teach deep or shallow, Dual Depth Pyramids is designed to make you look like an aqua rock star.  And good news!  You can jump in the pool and take the pyramid challenge yourself with the follow-along format and audio download.     

Designing an aqua fitness routine that can be performed in both deep and shallow at the same time requires preparation and practice.  The struggle is real.  The problem is that the moves have to be basic enough to teach in both depths.  “BASIC” is not a happy word for choreography-obsessed instructors like me.  Not wanting to be accused of being boring, Fitmotivation subscribers have witnessed me spin and re-spin various methodologies of instructing basic moves in a dual depth format.  Thus far, this is my favorite spin.

The gold dust for this routine is pyramid instruction in the form of repetition reduction.  Each combination only has two moves.  Choreography foes can teach those two moves linear with lots of reps and intensity options – never daring to go below the 8 or 4-rep line lest chaos ensue in the pool.  Choreography fans can put this routine on steroids and take it down to the 2-rep line or even to the Sudden Death round of 1-rep each.   The ability to adjust the instruction of this routine based on an instructor’s skill level and preferences makes it a winning routine.

Sprinkle the gold dust, but don’t forget to also add the secret sauce.  Add-on instruction creates a gauntlet of pyramid challenges.   Instructors don’t have to add each block on.  They can teach more freestyle with high-rep pyramids interspersed with lots of high intensity drills if they are more comfortable with that.  However, the add-on factor transforms the pool into a Ninja Warrior course as the routine cascades through a gauntlet of moves.  In the video, the gauntlet of add-on blocks (midterm and finale) is taught first with four reps, then with two, and finally with one.   I’ll let you decide on whether or not you want to attempt the scary Sudden Death round of 1-rep each.  But I can promise you that the add-on gauntlet challenge will add an element of reality TV fun to your class.

Each block in this routine contains just two moves – a grounded single-leg move and a bounded two-footed move.  Grounded moves are performed by anchoring one foot to the pool floor while the other leg is moving.  Doing so eliminates all impact.  Therefore, nearly half of the Dual Depth Pyramids routine is non-impact. Instructors often overlook grounded moves because they are perceived as lackluster. But in reality they can be spiced up with aggressive arm patterns and a functional tweak to make them an essential routine ingredient. 

The goal of Fitmotivation.com is to empower instructors with skills and knowledge to create their own routines.  Therefore, videos and workouts that provide instructors with a template for recreating their own favorite moves is always the preferred choice of content.  A sample workout template is included with the notes. 

There is absolutely no difference in the content of a premium plan video versus a basic plan video.  The difference is that three new videos post every month in the premium plan and two videos post each month in the basic plan.  The videos simply get plugged as they are filmed. If you are subscribed to the basic plan and want to watch this video  - just go to MY ACCOUNT click CHANGE PLAN and switch your account.  When you are done watching, switch back and you will only incur a few extra cents at your next billing.   Two caveats:  1) STAY with a monthly account when switching if you have a monthly plan.  STAY with annual if you have an annual plan.  Not doing so creates a big mess in your account.  And guess who gets to clean that mess up?   2) If you are on a trial month (Basic Plan) – please wait until your trial month is up before switching plans.  (Another mess!)

Whether you are teaching this routine or exercising along with it, this 40-minute cardio blast is the perfect launch into spring training.  Fitmotivation now strives to post at least one follow-along workout and audio download a month.  These workouts are filmed so that you can either take away ideas for your classes or exercise along with the workout.   If you have WIFI access at the pool you can simply plug and play.  If you do not have WIFI access, the audio downloads can be used. 

Happy Spring to all (in the northern hemisphere)!   Sunshine, flowers and warmth are all on the way…I promise!  

Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.