Aquatic Fitness Leg Exercises

Wednesday, November 30 2022

Aquatic Legs is a 20-minute aqua fitness workout that is designed to help you instruct your class participants to exercise smarter and more efficiently in the pool. 10 sequences of leg exercises move at a very brisk pace, which means you get cardio, muscle conditioning and education, all wrapped into one. 

New Filming Model
Understanding which muscles are being targeted will help your students move more purposely.  This short routine can be used in any class format and can also be taught in both deep and shallow water.   We recently invested in a high-quality boom mic system so that videos can now be filmed while the instructor is in the pool coaching and educating.  Most Fitmotivation videos have been filmed with the instructor in the pool and voiced over, or with the instructor teaching from deck with a student in the pool. My vision for this filming model is to be able to provide more educational content for instructors.  Please let us know if you like this style of filming. 

How can you use Aquatic Legs?
Consider using this 20-minute video or a portion of it as an optional activity for leg training at the end of your class, the same way that we often add in some equipment or core training at the end of the class. If you like the exercises and the simplicity of this routine, just change the timing or double it and make it a full-length class for cardio and legs and include a warm-up and cool down.  Or have some fun with this routine and test your student’s anatomical knowledge.  Perform the leg exercises and make them guess what muscles are being targeted in each phase of the movement.    

Knowledge is Power
Good instructors should always be able to identify the muscles being targeted in every exercise they teach.  More importantly, they should always pass on that knowledge to their students. Without a doubt, when your class members know what muscles they are working they will exercise smarter, harder, more purposefully, and they will get better results. 

New Online Education Program
Consider advancing your own knowledge if you are certified with the Aquatic Exercise Association.  There is an online education program posted for this workout, in combination with the recently posted Aquatic Arms with Lori Templeman.  Aquatic Arms & Legs is worth 2.0 AEA CECs if you purchase the quiz..  If you want the education but don’t need the CECs, you can download the 11-page Online Education Handout for Aquatic Arms & Legs
Watch Mark talk more about Aquatic Legs and the online education program. 

All new Education page coming soon
We are planning a big overhaul of the online education page in the next month or so.  We will be working with a new third-party quiz software provider, which will allow us to greatly improve the online education programs going forward.  

Problems with new site?
And speaking of overhauls, thank you for your patience with the updated site that launched in September.  The template we purchased was full of glitches. The search that came with it was a disaster, especially on mobile devices.  The tech team is working on those issues and making improvements every week. 
Thanks to all of you who have emailed customer support or responded to the Website Issues Survey that is currently posted on the video page.  Your feedback has been helpful in addressing issues. 

Please reach out to support if you have issues
One thing stood out to me in the surveys, is that people were really unhappy and frustrated, but they never contacted customer support.  Going forward, please don’t be frustrated.  Just email and let us know what you are having trouble with.  I answer those emails within minutes, hours at most if I am sleeping.  We can’t improve a feature if we don’t know that people are frustrated or unhappy with it.  And please email, not me, not info, and please no Facebook messages – email so that it goes to the tech team and not just me.  

But please do rest assured we are working to improve the new site experience.  Thanks for your patience and your support as we try to evolve and make Fitmotivation better. 





Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.