Tuesday, July 02 2019

Watch a 5-minute video for a mini-tour of the new features

Seems hard to believe, but it was two years ago that Fitmotivation’s Streaming Video Service was launched.  Since then, hundreds of instructors from around the world have been making their classes better thanks to the aqua experts who share their ideas and their workouts on the site. To celebrate the 2nd year anniversary, the website has been revamped and re-launched with a new look and all new features. 

Starting at the top, the first thing you will notice is a new navigation bar.  Click on the LOGO in the top left corner to return to homepage at anytime.  Click on STREAMING VIDEOS and you will now see a sub menu where you can separately access Videos, Quizzes, Audio Downloads and Suggestions.  

The top video viewer on the home page is changed every two months and highlights the latest Fitmotivation news, videos and events.  The bottom two video viewers feature recently posted videos or the most commented on videos.

Both visitors and subscribers will see a snazzy new display of videos as well as an auto-updated tally of videos streaming when they click on the video page. Two years ago the site launched with 7 videos in the Premium Plan and 5 videos in the Basic Plan.  Hard to believe, but yes there are now 78 videos streaming in the Premium Pro Plan and 52 videos in the Basic Pro Plan.

With 78 videos streaming, it was imperative to add search capabilities to enhance the user experience for subscribers.  Viewers can now search videos by category, key word or title. 

When you click on a video, the viewer has been redesigned.  All videos include notes and a featured blog and those links are now found at the top of the viewer. 

Click on any video and you will now see three related videos to the right of the featured video.

At the top of the video viewer, a Facebook share button has been added.  Click, comment and share your thoughts on the video.  And don’t worry; only the video preview will be shared.

Video subscribers can now post a comment on every video.   I think I am most excited about this new feature because I get so many nice comments about the videos.   Now people can post a comment right under the video.  I REALLY hope subscribers take advantage of this, as visitors will be able to see the comments when they watch a preview video on the site.  And yes…THAT…simply helps me promote the content. The comment feature will also help foster networking and conversations with subscribers from all across the Aqua Nation.

The blog page also has a new look – along with all new search features. Featured blogs can now be searched by category and key word.   The individual blogs also have a new look. Facebook users now have an easy share button to share and comment on featured blogs. I sure hope readers share the blogs, as once again THAT is invaluable promotion of the site’s content.  Please read these blogs as they contain educational information and teaching tips on the workouts.

The About Page got completely redone and thank God because I was mortified by the fact that I had completely ignored this page for two years.  There is now a sub-menu for different pages that feature photos, Fitness Friends, Affiliates and Testimonials.

Without doubt, I am most proud of this page – Fitmotivation’s Fitness Friends!  These are the aquatic training specialists and experts from around the world who have shared their videos and workouts with video subscribers over the last two years.  Click on a Fitness friend and you can read more about them, visit their website and see previews of their posted videos.  There are currently 18 Fitness Friends listed, with two more to be posted in December.

As stated above, I receive lots of nice comments from subscribers from all across the world telling me how much the videos have helped them and their classes.  I will now be adding nice comments that I receive onto the Testimonial Page.   And remember, if you want to comment on an individual video, you may now do so using the new comment feature.  Otherwise, please keep sending me those uplifting comments about how the site has helped you to make your classes better. 

We are now officially logo collectors!  Many of my Fitness Friends have their own businesses and websites and I wanted to devote an Affiliate Page that provides link to these resources. 

Subscribers will now notice that there is a sub menu for their account, listed under MY ACCOUNT.  This is where your renewal date displays and you can change account info, switch subscriptions and cancel your subscription here in your account settings. 

The idea for the steaming video service was conceived in 2014 for two reasons.  1) I was getting tired of the travel involved in conducting workshops/trainings.  I was convinced that there HAD to be an easier way to provide training.  2) I was noticing a steady decline in DVD sales.  Technology was changing and instructors were embracing YouTube as means of accruing new ideas. 

And so with a great deal of anxiety and hope in my heart, the site was launched with 7 videos.

Currently, instructors from over 30 countries now use Fitmotivation as a training platform and as an educational resource.   In the spirit of our recently celebrated Thanksgiving, I want to thank each and every person who has subscribed over the last two years.  And I especially want to thank those who renew month after month, some since the site launched in November 2014.   You have earned my undying gratitude and your loyalty and your renewal dollars is why this site is getting better and better. 

What we do is important.  In essence, we are lightworkers and we have the ability to make a difference in a lot of people’s lives.  On behalf of Fitmotivation, I am deeply honored to serve a role in helping instructors across the globe inspire light, love, joy and fitness - one class at a time.

Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.