Tuesday, July 02 2019

Join USA Aqua Expert, Stephanie Thielen, for round 2 of Aqua S.E.T. or Aqua Strength and Endurance Training.  Similar to doing Body Pump™ in the pool, this workout is pre-formatted to assist instructors with class set up, muscle balance and segment timing.  This easy-to-teach routine delivers results for class participants or anyone who follows along with the video or audio workout in the pool. 

Ready S.E.T. Go 2 (Aqua S.E.T. 2) was produced after Aqua S.E.T. 1 received rave reviews from subscribers.  (See comments below)   Instructors loved the pre-formatted template, which takes the guessing out of class design.  Look for the “Create-a-Class” template posted with the notes for both Aqua S.E.T 1 & 2.  These templates allow instructors to blend in or entirely use their own moves in the workout. 

Good News!   Aqua workout enthusiasts can also exercise along with Ready S.E.T. Go 2. An audio download was also produced with the video.  Due to the popularity of the first edition, along with the simplicity and results oriented focus of this workout, Stephanie and I agreed it would make a good Fitmotivation audio pool workout.


Aqua S.E.T. Format
The Aqua S.E.T. format has been specifically designed by Stephanie to alternate sets of strength training with sets of endurance training for the major muscle groups.  The workout begins with a S.E.T. prep that is designed to prepare the muscles and joints of the upper and lower body, as well increase heart rate & body temperature.   The main segment includes seven S.E.T.s targeting the major muscle groups, including and in this order: chest, legs, triceps, back, legs, biceps and core.  The S.E.T.s are timed to the 32-count phrasing of the fitness music.  The strength and endurance sets typically average out to around 2 minutes of strength (eight 32-count phrases) and 2 minutes of endurance (eight 32-count phrases) per muscle group.

Results Oriented
If you attend or work at a fitness club that offers Les Mills Body Pump™ class in the studio, you have probably noticed that class is consistently jam-packed.  Why?  Because it delivers results and it appeals to non-traditional group exercise patrons who eschew classes that require rhythmically gifted skills.  Body Pump is plain, simple weightlifting that leaves participants feeling accomplished, toned and yes…pumped up. Variations of the same exercises are performed week after week, month after month and year after year. Class participants don’t get bored; instead they get results.  The Aqua S.E.T. workout is designed to do the same in the pool.  Exercises are designed to target the muscular strength and endurance of the major muscle groups, which helps people move better and live better.

Unlike a Body Pump class or other studio pre-formatted muscle conditioning classes, the only equipment used in the Aqua S.E.T. workout is WATER!  Thanks to the water’s viscosity and drag forces, all submerged movement is resisted which means muscles on both sides of a joint are targeted with every movement.  This is a huge sell for water fitness as it leads to improved muscle balance, which is crucial for joint integrity.  However if desired, the addition of webbed gloves would be ideal for maximizing the water’s drag resistance.   Due to the class structure of strength followed by endurance, without a rest between sets, or a rest between muscle groups, Stephanie feels that incorporating equipment could jeopardize the flow and the outcome of the exercises.  “The use of equipment such as noodles and hand buoys can place a limit on which muscle groups can be targeted and can place excessive strain on the upper body due to the continuous flow of exercises with no built in break or recovery,” says Stephanie.  The Aqua S.E.T. format could be adjusted over time to allow for eventual inclusion of various equipment types once participants develop proper form and alignment.

Audio Workout
Premium subscribers can download the Ready S.E.T. Go 2 audio workout for free.   But they must do so before the next audio workout posts.  All other audio workouts are available in the Fitmotivation Online Store.  Basic & Premium subscribers receive 50% off audio downloads in the store.  The audio downloads feature the music and the verbal cueing, allowing people to exercise along with the workout with appropriate headsets or speakers.   I just ordered my second pair of Blue Ant Pump waterproof Bluetooth ear buds on Amazon for just $38.00.  I download the audio workouts on my phone (iPod) and exercise along with them in the pool with my ear buds.

Comments on Ready S.E.T. Go 1
Last fall, a comments feature was added to the videos allowing subscribers to provide feedback.  Ready S.E.T. Go 1 was one of the most commented on videos in 2016. 

Below are some of the comments.

·      “This is a great workout, my students can feel the difference in their muscle strength after a few weeks.”

·      “Love this format. My class is multi-level so doing an exercise on counts is challenging. I just did the stationary patterns for 15 sec/cardio for 30 X 2. My class absolutely loved the full body focus. THANK YOU!”

·      “Loved this format combined with some of the moves from your Aqua Hit Bits!! Great workout!”

·      “Love this class format as do my students - which are all 55+. Would love to see more videos in the Aqua S.E.T. format. Thanks for making my teaching life a little easier and a lot more interesting!”

·     My classes are really enjoying this format. Have adapted some for them and mixed the sections with other movements and they now believe I have create new moves.”

·      “Awesome! Love everything about this class. My students love the "total body" exercises and feel accomplished when finished. Thank you!”

Fitmotivation once again extends a huge THANK YOU to Stephanie Thielen for rocking yet another video.   Check out Stephanie’s other videos on  She is definitely a favorite of Fitmotivation video subscribers.  You can connect with Stephanie on her website or Facebook page.  


Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.