Stephanie Thielen, B.S., has a career that spans over 28 years with experience in group fitness, personal training, aquatics and management in the community, corporate and collegiate setting.   She is a continuing education provider, teaching courses that provide the “tools of the trade”, assisting instructors to develop the professional teaching skills needed to become a proficient land and aquatic instructor.  Topics include music and movement synergy, creating class choreography, class management, developing class formats and formatting class constructs.  Stephanie is an AEA Training Specialist, NETA Trainer, BOSU Master Trainer, a frequent blog contributor to ACE, and has a reoccurring AKWA column called “Pool Tools”.   A well-rounded instructor on land and in the aquatic environment, Stephanie’s favorite classes to teach include dance fitness, cardio hi/lo, and aquatic HIIT. Certifications: AEA Aquatic Fitness Professional ACE Group Fitness Instruct ACE Personal Trainer AFAA Primary Group Exercise Find Stephanie: Website:  []( Facebook:  [Stephanie Thielen Fitness, LLC]( [ACE Fitness Blog](**** ** _*_**__*Watch the [Fitmotivation Video Interview]( with Stephanie
Stephanie Thielen