Prime Time Low Impact Aerobics

Thursday, March 26 2020

Fitmotivation is making a temporary shift towards more educational and in-home fitness content to better serve the needs of subscribers and their students.  Get ready for Prime Time!  This 50-minute in-home/studio workout is geared toward more mature audiences.  30+ minutes of low-impact aerobics is blended with light toning, balance, core, joint mobility and more.

Given that pools have closed and everyone is stuck at home, we are temporarily switching to more educational content so that fitness leaders can further their knowledge and earn AEA CECs at home.  Three new educational videos will be posting in the next month, bringing Fitmotivation’s total of AEA CEC-approved online ed programs to 22. 

Fitmotivation has also been hard at work the last week producing in-home workouts.  In addition to the Low-Impact Aerobic & Toning Workout, stay tuned for the Total Body Conditioning and the Stability Ball & Tubing Workouts.  There is already a chair workout and a yoga workout posted on the site.   All five of these in-home workouts were originally supposed to post on Fitmotivation’s sister consumer site, PoolFit, but we are also including on Fitmotivation.   If you like these workouts, please pass on the PoolFit or Fitmotivation site to your class participants as there is no charge to join either site for 30-days.  During this time when gyms/pools are closed, your students can enjoy the land workouts; or if they have their own pool – they can follow along with the water exercise videos.  An app is being launched for PoolFit in early May that allow users to take their iPad or iPhone to the pool without the need of wi-fi.   

For the past 7 years I have taught at the Sarasota Family YMCA (now called Our Y).  In addition to teaching an aquatic class and a land muscle conditioning class, I also sub the Prime Time class in the studio, which I absolutely love doing.  Subbing this class reconnects me to my earliest years as an instructor.  Crossing over to aquatic fitness 20 years ago, I seldom get opportunities to teach low-impact aerobics in the studio anymore, hence my joy in subbing this class.  The Low-Impact Aerobic & Toning Workout is my go-to routine when subbing. 

This 50-minute workout includes 30 minutes of low-impact cardio choreography, a lower body lunge segment, 15-minutes of light toning, balance and core, and finishes with a total body joint tune-up and a final stretch.

Low-Impact Cardio
Group fitness instructors teach low-impact aerobics with a variety of instructional techniques, with many opting for pure patterned instruction using the music’s structure.  My preferred instructional style has always been a blend of add-on and pyramid, which is how I teach in all of my aquatic choreography videos and how I teach in this studio video.  The 30 minutes of low-impact choreography is followed by a lower body lunge segment that is designed to transition the workout from cardio to light toning.

Light Toning, Balance & Core
This 15-minute segment starts with some light toning exercises performed with movement to keep the calories burning and the participants engaged.  Following this toning segment, some stationary balance training is performed in tandem stance.  Finally, this segment concludes with some standing core work.  Typically, I do not include mat work in my Y classes because they are too jam-packed and quite frankly I don’t want people to see me painfully get up and down from the floor. 

Joint Tune-up & Final Stretch
The workout concludes with a joint tune-up and final stretch.   In addition to ending my classes with traditional stretching, I also include 3-5 minutes of joint mobility at every major articulation of the body.  Typically, I perform one AEA Arthritis Foundation exercise for each joint. 

Following at home?  Watch…

Video Music
The playlist used in this video was 128bpm and can be downloaded at Muscle Mixes Music.  The download is 124 bpm.  I did increase the bpm using the Tempo Magic app.

Celina Klineshmidt
Who was that dazzling dance diva behind me?  Big thanks goes to Celina Klineschmidt for her presence and pizzazz in this video.   Celina is the wife of Fitmotivation’s videographer, Ron Klineschmidt, founder of Studio KRP, who has filmed ALL Fitmotivation videos since the site’s launch in 2014. Celina is a certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer, who teaches LaBlast and Zumba Fitness, among many other things.  Celina has her own online business, Soul Fire Fitness.  You can dance with Celina in your own home with some of her dance fitness videos. 

Allow me to offer sincere thanks to all of you who are continuing your support and subscription to Fitmotivation.   Please pass along information regarding PoolFit to your students as they can keep moving for FREE with safe fitness and water workouts during the weeks ahead.  It is my hope to keep producing videos so that Fitmotivation & PoolFit can provide some comfort and a connection to aquatics and fitness during these difficult times. Hopefully this dark cloud will pass by soon and we can all go back to doing what we love…in pools and studios all across the world.  Stay safe everyone. 


Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.