Steph Toogood, an AEA Training Specialist from the  U.K. has a passion for water. Originally a swimming instructor,  she enjoyed sharing her love of the pool with babies, toddlers, school children and specializing in the nervous older wannabe swimmer.   She then expanded her exercise knowledge by adding ETM and fitness instructor to her qualifications. Personal training was next BUT then there was an opportunity to combine the swimming knowledge with exercise and a little music too and low and behold her next career plan was about to evolve. WATER EXERCISE - an epiphany - this was circa 1989! UK qualifications followed and then several trips to the U S to train with the very best - AEA and Hydro-fit. She eventually founded [Hydro-Actif](, a U.K. aquatic fitness organization.   Steph now is an international presenter and specializes in 'Aging Well.'   She offers shallow programming targeting the effects of aging; focusing on  fall prevention and balance as well as general mobility and gait.  Steph also enjoys sharing her equipment programs  in both shallow and deep water.   Steph has produced numerous videos of her programs.  The information she shares is all based on current research and science, demonstrating not only how to execute the move but also learning why you need the moves, along with the variations and progressions. Steph believes: "We exercise in water to improve our function on land" Visit her at []( Check out the [Fitmotivation Video Interview]( with Steph.
Steph Toogood