Earning AEA CECs Affordably & Conveniently

Tuesday, July 02 2019

Everyone knows that attending a workshop or conference is the best way to earn CECs.  But sometimes that just isn't possible.  And when that AEA certification renewal date approaches, panic sets in when you are short CECs.  No worries.  We got you covered.  Earn AEA CECs with Fitmotivation Online Education.

Two new online quizzes just posted in January and another will post in March.  Fitmotivation now has 16 online education courses - each worth 2.0 AEA CECs.  How do these online quizzes work?  It’s super easy.  Click on the Online Education tab in the navigation bar.  Select the video & quiz that interests you.  Click TAKE QUIZ.   Purchase the quiz.  The cost for Premium subscribers is $10.00 per quiz and the cost for Basic subscribers is $20.00 per quiz.  There is no commitment for a subscription beyond one month.  Subscribers can cancel anytime via their account settings.  

After purchasing the quiz you can then download the CEC handout.   These extended education handouts are typically 7-10 pages long.  The entire quiz is based on the CEC handout and the video content.   The CEC handout should not be confused with the regular NOTES/HANDOUT that come with every video.  After you have read the CEC handout and watched the video you can take the 20-question quiz.    

The quiz is automatically graded once all answers are selected.  Successful completion of the quiz requires 16 correct answers with three attempts permitted. Upon successfully passing the quiz a CEC form is automatically generated that you can print out.  The CEC forms are also stored in your account settings.  Click MY ACCOUNT and then click MY CECs.

Aside from attending a live workshop, which is not always convenient, this is an excellent way to accrue continuing education in the convenience of your own home. The Fitmotivation Online Education experience provides the added benefit of viewing a full-length aquatic fitness video, printing out the accompanying choreography notes and downloading an extended education handout. 


Choreography for the Core
Aqua Educator Extraordinaire, Pauline Ivens, shares her epic two part video dedicated to core training.  In Part 1 learn 60 shallow water exercises and combinations that use various principles for creating vertical core choreography; in Part 2 take away several noodle exercises for vertical core training.

Deep 124
Pauline Ivens shares a deep-water workout that sets the challenge with cadence and tempo while energizing with a Latin Beat.  In addition to learning tips for creating more advanced deep water programming and earning 2 AEA CECs, you will also take away 8 choreography tracks for creating a Latin inspired jam in the deep end. 

Mobility Matrix
U.K Aqua Training Specialist, Steph Toogood, is well known for her dedication to providing meaningful movement for mature audiences.  Mobility Matrix provides an essential tutorial for incorporating corrective exercise strategies into aquatic programming.  Five segments target total body joint mobility, gait preparation, ADLs/function, balance and walking. 

**Aqua Progressions & Regressions
**The Netherlands Kataqua Team developed a 'transfer system' that was intended to more efficiently integrate newer or less fit students into a class of regular and more advance participants.  Taught by Marlies Schellen-de Jong with the Kataqua team serving as beginner, intermediate and advanced students, the video serves as a tutorial for increasing and decreasing intensity with progressions and regressions for all exercises.

Aqua Allegro
Interested in transforming aqua base moves into ballet-inspired movements?  AEA Training Specialist, Ashley Bishop, provides an educational tutorial on creating aqua choreography and intervals with ballet moves and jumps typically found in the Allegro portion of a ballet class. 

Ride the Wave 
AEA Training Specialist, Stephanie Thielen, shares an epic interval tutorial. Explore the science behind popular interval programming and take away six sample interval formats based on four different interval protocols that range from aerobic/moderate intensity to HIIT Max/insane intensity.  The quiz is based on two videos:  Ride the Wave 1 and Ride the Wave 2.

Age Proof Aqua 
AEA Training Specialist, Mark Grevelding, puts a new spin on choreography with 10 age-proofing tips designed to make movement more purposeful for the aging body.  The associated video is H20 Functional Flow.

50 Ways to Change a Move 
Australian & USA Aqua Experts, Dominic Gili and Mark Grevelding, collaborate on an educational tutorial designed to teach instructors how to create unlimited moves for their classes.  This course is based on Dom’s video, So You Think You Can Aqua, and Mark’s 2017 IAFC Conference session, 50 Ways to Change a Move.

Ready S.E.T. Go! 
AEA Training Specialist, Stephanie Thielen, shares a pre-formatted body conditioning for optimal strength & endurance training (S.E.T).   (Think Body Pump in the pool!)  Instructors will take away a simple template for recreating endless strength and endurance workouts.

Hand Buoy ABC’s
U.K. Aqua Specialist, Steph Toogood, shares tips, techniques, exercises and more involving foam hand buoys. The entire workout in her video, Hand Buoy ABC’s, is performed with one buoy - allowing for optimal hand breaks.

360-Degree Angles for Balance & Core
U.K. Aqua Specialist, Steph Toogood, presents an educational tutorial on how to add functional, multi-planar movement to your shallow water workouts. Ideal for aging bodies and healthy aging class formats.

Aqua Musicology and Deck Teaching Skills
Ideal for newer instructors, AEA Training Specialist, Mark Grevelding, shares tips for matching the moves to the phrasing of the music, while exploring deck teaching techniques for safe and effective instruction.

Aqua Free
Like choreography but struggle with designing new routines? Mark Grevelding shares a 5-part video series that educates instructors how to reinvent base moves by changing: 1) Arms 2) Travel & Direction 3) Impact Options 4) Tempo 5) Combined Moves.  You will never feel like you are doing the same moves again!

Dual Aqua
Learn how to combine both choreographed combinations and Tabata rounds into an engaging and exciting workout that can be taught simultaneously in both deep & shallow water.  Mark Grevelding shares his favorite dual depth & choreography tips.

Aqua Yoga Stretch  AEA Training Specialist, Mark Grevelding, shares education on how to design a flexibility routine with yoga poses that stretch all of the major muscle groups. Learn how to integrate yoga into existing aqua classes by creating a new final stretch or using poses as recovery in HIIT programs.

Aqua Abs Noodle  Performing supine abdominal/core movements on a noodle can be tricky. AEA Training Specialist, Mark Grevelding, shares tips, techniques and exercises for abdominal exercises with the buoyant support of a noodle.

Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.