Wednesday, November 20 2019

The S’WET brand expands with a new video that focuses on the specific needs of an older population.  S’WET Silver features some of the brand’s favorite equipment and instructional styles with an outcome designed to target functionality, core, balance, muscle endurance and more. 

She’s back!  Jenni Lynn Patterson LaCour makes her 4th trip to Florida for filming.  Her high-powered boot camp approach to aquatic fitness has led to some of Fitmotivation’s most popular and commented on videos. This time she is stepping out of her traditional persona for something a little different.   Recently, some of Jenni Lynn’s online customers and class participants have been providing feedback that they wanted to see more exercises geared towards their age group and capabilities. Ask and you shall receive!  Designing the S’WET Silver program, Jenni Lynn looked up information in the AEA Arthritis Foundation manual to better understand the class components that are best incorporated into a fitness program geared towards older adults.  The end result was a workout that is designed to help active older adults lead a more movement-rich life.

This video features 7 segments.   The exercises in each segment are performed for 30 seconds each – or two 32-count music phrases. 

Segment 1: Warm-up
This simple warm-up is designed to get the body acclimated to the cooler pool temperatures and to prepare the joints and major muscle groups for the workout to come.   If Jenni Lynn looks a bit pale and blue-lipped in the video, it is because the pool temperature was VERY cool on the morning we filmed.

Segments 2 & 3:  No Equipment
These two segments feature a medley of movements that target balance, coordination, core stability and muscular endurance. 

Segment 4:  Single Drag Bell
This segment introduces a single Aqualogix drag bell and features movements that target both the anterior and posterior muscle groups.  Watch Jenni Lynn explain how you reposition the drag bell to target both the muscle groups in the front and in the back of the upper body.   

Segment 5:  Wall & Noodle
Jenni Lynn demonstrates some of her favorite silver moves using a noodle and the pool wall.

Segment 6:  Single Hand Buoy
This segment features a single hand buoy and exercise designed to showcase buoyant resistance and balance training.

Segment 7:  Cool Down
Every workout deserves a good stretch.

Teaching Up
One of the misconceptions of senior fitness is that instructors need to teach everything at a lower intensity and pace.  FALSE!  Teaching down to older adults will only assure that your class attendance is low thanks to locker room gossip that your classes aren’t challenging enough.  Instructors need to teach up.  Raise the carrot.  Don’t lower it.  Teach to a higher level and let the student’s decide the pace they want to exercise at.  Watch Jenni Lynn talk about how she handles this in her classes.

Watch more.  Special Facebook Live Event
Interested in hearing more about S’WET By Jenni Lynn Fitness?  Check out this Facebook Live video that was filmed on November 14, 2019 to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of the streaming videos launch.  This video includes fun clips of NYC S’WET classes led by both Jenni Lynn and her husband, Chris LaCour.  There is also a blooper reel of Jenni Lynn’s first on-camera talking attempts in 2015. 

Fitmotivation would like to thank Jenni Lynn Patterson-LaCour for coming to Florida to film 4 more videos and for once again sharing her passion and talents with subscribers.  Check out other Fitmotivation videos featuring Jenni Lynn and the S’WET brand – including, Freestyle Flow, Noodle Rx, Super Circuit 1, Wicked Wall, S’WET Boot Camp, S’WET Deep, S’WET Challenge and Wave Warrior.     Interested in hosting or attending S'WET workshops?  Visit the S'WET website or connect with them on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.


Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.