Jenni Lynn Patterson-Lacour is an AEA Aquatic Training Specialist and a CEC provider for AEA, AFAA and ACE.  She holds numerous fitness certifications, including NSCA-CPT.   With her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Psychology, Jenni Lynn combines her knowledge of neuromuscular and physical conditioning with all the components of a total body workout. Jenni Lynn has been at the forefront of the aquatic fitness movement, making waves with her innovative and trademarked technique, S’WET by Jenni Lynn FitnessTM – a high-intensity, low-impact water workout appropriate for all levels of activity, from beginner to triathlete swimmer!  Blending High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), advanced cardio, plyometrics, Pilates and her very own special ingredient – a whole lot of fun – Jenni Lynn makes S’WET the sought-after solution for a whole new generation of water workout enthusiasts.  Jenni Lynn truly believes the perception of water fitness can be transformed and soon ALL ages and genders will be working out together in the pool! Visit her at []( Check out the [Fitmotivation Video Interview]( with Jenni-Lynn.
Jenni Lynn LaCour