Tuesday, July 02 2019

Ready to take advantage of that backyard pool this summer?  S’WET Boot Camp was re-edited with a new voice track to follow along with the action.   This workout is divided into three parts:  1) wall work 2) agility skills on pool floor 3) foam dumbbells.  Fitmotivation now has 16 follow-along workouts that you can download and exercise along with in the pool.

S’WET Boot Camp became one of Fitmotivation’s first blockbuster videos when it posted in September 2015.  And Jenni Lynn Patterson-LaCour was the first Fitness Friend to fly to Florida for filming.   Jenni Lynn is now one of the most requested video educators.  When she returned to Florida last year I had her redo the voice track to S’WET Boot Camp to make it easier to follow along with as a self-directed workout.   Equipped with my waterproof Blue Tooth ear buds, S’Wet Boot Camp is one of my favorite audio downloads to exercise along with in the pool.  An individual audio download will also be available on Jenni Lynn's website on August, 1, 2018.

Fitmotivation is primarily a training site for fitness professionals.  Most of the videos are designed for training purposes, however some of the videos are produced as follow-along workouts.  Many water workout enthusiasts have subscribed on and off over the last 4 years to watch videos and then download the audio files to exercise along with on their own.  The combination of being able to WATCH the video first and then exercise to the audio in the pool provides a more successful workout experience.  And since there is no commitment to a video subscription beyond one month, many water exercise enthusiasts have been using Fitmotivation as their ‘go-to’ pool fitness resource.

The S’WET Boot Camp audio download has been added as this month’s featured and FREE audio download for Premium subscribers.  Every month, the most recent audio download is available FREE for Premium subscribers.   The FREE download is located in the green box at the top of the Aqua Fitness videos page (when logged in). 

All other audio downloads are archived and available in the Fitmotivation Store and can be purchased by both subscribers and non-subscribers.   All subscribers (Basic & Premium) receive a 50% discount on all audio downloads in the store, for a total cost of $7.50 per download.   Non-subscribers pay $15.00 per audio download.  Important Note for Non-Subscribers: It is highly recommended that you subscribe for one month so that you can WATCH the full-length videos of the audio downloads you purchase.  The pool workouts are more effective and enjoyable when you fully understand HOW the moves should be performed.

Listed from most recently added.  Check out a clip of each

S’WET Boot Camp
This 30-minute workout features an intense aqua boot camp experience intended for more advanced fitness levels. This workout is segmented into three parts: athletic drills using the wall, the pool floor and foam dumbbells.

Aqua Rejuventate This 47-minute workout includes three segments of active movement that is ideal for more mature populations.  Also included are three freestyle segments that target the upper body, lower body and core with an intuitive approach to exercise. 

Boot Camp Trifecta
This 50-minute interval style program features several sets with 3 cardio moves that target different areas of the body.   The 3 moves are performed 3 times for 20 seconds each for a total of 3 minutes.  Great calorie burner!

Dual Depth Pyramids
Ready for the wet & wild pyramid challenge?  This 45-minute cardio workout, which can be performed in either shallow or deep water, features combinations of athletic moves taught pyramid style and blended with high intensity drills.  

Deep-ish Aerobic Training
This 44-minute workout features 30 powerful moves performed continuously with travel for an athletic adventure in the deep end.  The moves can also be performed stationary in smaller pool spaces and modified for shallow water training.

Aqua Armed Forces
This 44-minute shallow water workout features 7 segments that target the upper body while also training cardio, balance, ROM, muscular strength and endurance.  This is a great workout for smaller pool spaces.    

Aqua Zen Flow Rhythmic movement, stretching and yoga all flow together in this 40-minute mind & body program designed to improve range of motion, joint mobility and balance.  Forceful or gentle, honor your body and choose whatever movement feels good.

Aqua CardioFit
This 37-minute aquafit workout combines cardio, toning, balance and core training elements.  The cardio moves are demonstrated in this workout for both limited pool space and larger pools.

Ready S.E.T. Go! 2
Aqua S.E.T or Aqua Strength and Endurance Training is a structured format that is designed to target all of the major muscle groups with focused strength exercises and with intense endurance drills. 

Noodle & Buoy Circuit
Looking for ideas for noodles and foam dumbbells?  In this 47-minute pool workout, segments of upper body toning using hand buoys are alternated with segments of core training with the noodle.

Wave Warrior Developed for more advanced, athletic participants, this workout moves quickly from one move to the other, combining grounded, cardio and power moves with and without equipment.  

Strength is Balance This 60-minute fat-burning functional fitness aqua workout focuses on the needs of the aging body.  Six interval sets translate activities of daily living into pool exercises.  A 15-minute soothing Ai Chi relaxation is also included.

Aqua Body Blast
Looking for a simple workout to put some sizzle in the pool?  This 33-minute total body aqua workout moves quickly from one exercise to the next, training the entire body in just 10 exercises.  

Deep CardioTone
This 45-minute deep water circuit format features 6 tri-circuits.  Each 5-minute tri-circuit includes 1) 60-seconds of upper body 2) 3 minutes of cardio 3) 45-seconds of lower body.  Teach with the wall or without; or modify as a shallow workout.

Aqua Tabata Deep
This 54-minute video features a deep water Tabata workout that includes intense interval training for more advanced participants.  This athletic aquafit workout has limited travel and is suitable for smaller pool spaces.

Aqua Total Body Tabata
This 50-minute video features a shallow water Tabata workout with kickboxing flavor and lots of upper body toning.  Suitable for older populations, more than half of this workout is virtually impact free.  Tabata is a form of interval training. 


Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.