Tuesday, July 02 2019 launched in November 2014 with 7 videos in the Premium Pro plan and 5 videos in the Basic Pro plan.  There are now 90 videos in the Premium plan and 60 videos in the Basic plan.  Instructors from all across the globe are logging in and learning from the best instructors in the world.  Educated and empowered, they are creating classes worthy of rave reviews and sustained applause.

How do I know this?  Happy instructors have been sending me some pretty amazing comments. is not only educating and empowering instructors, it is saving them time and frustration creating new class lesson plans.  Best of all, classes are growing in size and students are thrilled with the endless supply of new moves and formats.   Since launching, one of the most popular features of is the choreography and practical notes that can be downloaded and printed for each video.  Instructors love the ease of printing out the notes and being able to teach directly from them. 

Despite the convenience of the notes, it is important to note that I never anticipated or even really wanted the notes and the routines to be “memorized” and taught as a complete class.   Instead, I envisioned as a video resource in which instructors could take bits and pieces of different videos and create unique and exciting classes. Judging from all the comments, this appears to be what most instructors are doing.  Good news - this process just got easier and better. is launching a new promotional campaign this month called Create-a-Class.  This campaign serves to remind instructors that a helpful video training resource is available to them.  Even better, we are taking the notes a step further by creating fill-in lesson plan templates for select aquatic fitness formats. 

With over 90 videos currently posted on, there are various categories and formats, including Choreography, HIIT, Interval, Tabata, Circuit, Strength, Flexibility and more.  This month, we started with four lesson plan templates based on select videos/categories.    

 Australian Aqua Expert, Dominic Gili, just shared an epic tutorial for creating unlimited aqua moves in the video, So You Think you Can Aqua.  Dom’s video is the perfect launch for the new “Create-a-Class” promotion.  In addition to printing out the notes for this video, instructors can also print out a lesson plan template that simplifies the creation process in developing choreography.    

Choreography Lesson Plan Template

Other recommended videos that will develop skills in creating variations of base moves and then linking them into choreographed combinations include all 5 videos in the Aqua Free series.

Aqua Free 1:  Arm Patterns

Aqua Free 2:  Travel & Directional Changes

Aqua Free 3:  Impact Options For Creativity

Aqua Free 4:  Tempo Innovations

Aqua Free 5:  Combining Moves & Combining All

Also posted this month was Julie See’s video, Bata Bing, a shallow water Tabata training program.  This routine features six Tabata rounds that rely more on creativity and less on intensity, which makes it much more doable for older populations.  Tabata is one of the easiest formats to teach and students love the simplicity and intensity. has made it even easier by including a lesson plan template.
Tabata Lesson Plan Template

In addition, to Bata Bing, there are four other videos streaming on that feature Tabata workouts or include portions of Tabata. 

Aqua Total Body Tabata

Aqua Tabata Deep

Pool Jogging & Tabata

Dual Aqua

If you attend or work at a fitness club that offers a Les Mills Body Pump class in the studio, you have probably noticed that class is consistently jam-packed.  Why?  Because it delivers results and it appeals to non-traditional group exercise patrons who eschew classes that require rhythmically gifted skills.  USA Aqua Expert, Stephanie Thielen, shared her signature workout, Ready S.E.T. Go!, with Fitmotivation video subscribers. 

Pre-formatted to assist instructors with class set up, muscle balance and segment timing, this aqua strength & endurance training (S.E.T.) format is an easy class to teach and very popular with students.  Since this has been one of the most popular and commented on videos, we are providing a lesson plan template.
Strength Lesson Plan Template

Other videos to watch for ideas in filling out exercises for strength and endurance drills include:

H2O Functional Flow

Pool Muscle Mixers

Aquatic Endings

Looking for a fun circuit format to teach?  Another popular video was Circuit Overload.  Conceived by aqua fitness professional, Miff Hendriksen, this format features several tri-circuits that include 1) upper body isolation 2) cardio ladder drills 3) lower body paired with upper body.   The goal of this program is to overload the major muscles and build endurance and stamina.  The lesson plan template for this workout makes it easy to drop in moves.  
Circuit Lesson Plan Template

Need ideas for cardio ladders, upper body and lower body segments?  Consider viewing the following videos.

Aqua HIIT Bits

S’Wet Boot Camp

Boot Camp Flow

Aqua Choreography HIITs 1.0

…or any of the Tabata videos mentioned above.

The Create-a-Class Lesson Plan Templates are just one more way to optimize the resources provided by  Consider blending the various formats and videos that are now streaming into a fusion class for a unique fitness experience.  Core and Cardio.  HIIT and Pilates.  Boot Camp and Barre.  Noodles and Circuit.  Choreography and Tabata.  The possibilities are endless at 

What are you waiting for?  Log on and start creating! 





Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.