Fitmotivation Videos: 100 Things to Learn

Tuesday, July 02 2019

Writing the featured blog for Jackie Lebeau's Seamless Deep video, which features 100 deep water moves, I thought it would be fun to write a blog highlighting 100 things subscribers can lean form Fitmotivation videos.  With well over 100 videos streaming, every video provides an opportunity to learn something. More than just watching videos for some fun moves, instructors are learning and teaching better classes.  Judging from the comments they provide, their classes are not only getting better - they are getting bigger.  And so on this long holiday weekend, I give thanks to aquatic fitness and all my Fitness Friends who bring their passion and skills to video subscribers.   My sincerest gratitude is reserved for those who subscribe, log on and watch and learn so that they can inspire health, joy, fitness and fun in their classes. Your dedication and passion is making a difference to a lot of people.  
Over this long weekend, each day I will  strive to post 25 things you can WATCH & LEARN on   The list will be available on Monday, 11/27.
Here are the first 65!

1.   Learn how to teach the same 14 cardio moves in the warm-up, in-place with intensity and then traveling with intensity, in Aqua CardioFit
2.   Discover how to train like a dancer by offering Ballet inspired jumps & drills in an interval format in Aqua Allegro.
3.   Watch & learn 21 low-impact, functional workouts designed for older, active adults in Anti-Aging Aqua.
4.   Explore 3 different ways to construct and teach cardio combinations in Cardio Combos.
5.   Take away a template for a pre-formatted strength and endurance class in Ready S.E.T. Go!
6.   Experience a simplified circuit/interval workout for foam dumbbells and noodles in Noodle & Buoy Circuit.
7.   Learn how to create an entire class of drills in an ascending and then descending order in Aquatic Ladder Challenge.
8.   Watch & learn two different HIIT formats and take away 3 class templates in Ride the Wave 2.
9.   Take away 6 new combinations for dual depth choreography and a template for ladder drills in Aqua Choreography HIITs 2.0.
10.  Learn how to transition from grounded, to cardio, to power moves...first with equipment and then without in Wave Warrior
11.  Discover how to teach an aerobic and an anaerobic interval format in Ride the Wave 1.
12.  Learn how to create a varied class format with 5 base moves and 4 options for each move in S'Wet Challnege.
13.  Explore a 45-minute functional, fat-burning workout that focuses on the needs of the aging body in Strength is Balance.
14.  Take away a template for designing an aqua workout that trains the entire body with just 10 exercises in Aqua Body Blast.
15.  Discover solutions for blending corrective exercise techniques for balance, gait and more into a fun workout in BioExercise.
16.  Take away a full deep-water Tabata workout featuring 24 high intensity exercises in Bata Boom.
17.  Explore ideas for creating a sculpting & cardio interval workout using a small plastic ball in Aqua Ball Interval.
18   Watch & learn how to use dice for visualization in an aqua workout comprised of skills, drills and thrills in Working 5 to 9.
19.  Explore a workout that combines elements of choreography and kickboxing in Aqua Aerobics vs. Aqua Kickboxing.
20.  Take away several new ideas for using foam dumbbells for upper body and core training in Hand Buoy Workout.
21.  Discover a deep-water circuit format that features 6 tri-sets - with and without the pool wall in Deep CardioTone.
22.  Short on equipment?  Learn how to substitute a plastic water bottle for a complete cardio and toning workout in Aqua Bottle Workout.
23.  Take away a circuit format that blends 3-minutes of cardio and 3-minutes of toning using hand buoys in Aqua Fusion.
24.  Learn how to create unlimited aqua fitness moves in an epic 55-minute tutorial in So You Think You Can Aqua.
25.  Discover how to design creative shallow-water Tabata rounds in Bata Bing.
26.  Learn how to add more core strengthening in your class by tweaking simple base movements in H2O Core Solutions.
27.  Uncover several ways to make choreography more functional and purposeful for aging bodies in H2O Functional Flow.
28.  Experience creative deep water choreography that moves the body horizontal, diagonal, prone and supine in Deep 360.
29.  Take away 40 ready-to-use shallow water combinations in Choreography with Polly.
30.  Learn how to create a powerful, drag-resisted workout with a simple plastic shopping bag in Aqua Plastic Shopping Bag Workout.
31.  Discover how to safely and effectively design a deep-water workout with foam dumbbells in Deep Buoy Endurance.
32.  Explore standing Pilates choreography that targets the core with rhythmic arm & leg patterning in Aqua Fluid Pilates.
33.  Take away several different warm-up ideas and combinations in Aqua Warm-ups.
34.  Learn how to start with a block of 5 moves and then add-on more moves and more blocks in Choreo Lite.
35.  Experience a workout that blends together kickboxing choreography, intensity intervals, balance & Ai Chi in Hi-Lo Aqua Combat.
36.  Take away ideas to add into existing arthritis classes or add joint mobility to regular classes in Arthritis: Aquatic Essentials.
37.  Watch and learn choreography that is taught and broken down in the deep-end and then repeated in shallow water in Cardio Designs.
38.  Explore different ways to mix up equipment in your classes, including with a Tabata approach in Aquatic Muscle Mixes.
39.  Discover how to design a deep water class that focuses on postural awareness and muscular activation in D.E.E.P.
40.  Take away 6 high-energy boot camp sequences that flow with transitions and choreography in Boot Camp Flow.
41.  Learn how to progress traditional core exercises, including planks and crunches, for optimal results in Core Central.
42.  Watch & learn 24 drills that target cardio & agility, as well as strength using a single hand buoy in Aqua HIIT Bits.
43.  Discover how a simple Frisbee can add maximal resistance, creativity and fun into your classes in Aquatic Frisbee Challenge.
44.  Watch & learn how to design an entire class with moves that mostly occur in 3's, triples and repeaters in Triple Splash.
45.  Explore a circuit workout that features several tri-sets that include arms,legs and cardio ladder drills in Circuit Overload.
46.  Learn how to implement fitness solutions for the aging body in traditional aquatic fitness choreography in Mature Moves.
47.  Experience a workout that combines Ai Chi, yoga, Pilates and power moves suitable for a cooler pool in Aqua Flex & Flow.
48.  Discover how to create a noodle Pilates workout that targets the core with slow, precise movements in Aqua Libre.
49.  Watch & learn from a 60-minute collection of deep water exercise with and without equipment in Hydro Electric Deep.
50.  Learn how to transform your library of HIIT drills into exciting and polished add-choreography in H2O HIIT Hi-Lo.
51.  Discover how to breakdown and build simple combat moves into high-energy combinations in Aqua Combat Mixes.
52.  Explore strategies for making exercises more purposeful with 360 degree movement of arms & legs in 360 for Balance & Core.
53.  Learn how to add resistance, core, agility and fun into your workout with small plastic balls in Aqua Ball Workout.
54.  Take away ideas for creating an entire workout (aerobics, balance & core) using a single hand buoy in Hand Buoy ABCs.
55.  Watch and learn how to develop an aqua program that targets, balance, gait, strength and flexibility in Stride & Strength.
56.  Learn how to create a shallow-water Tabata workout that is 50% grounded (non-impact) in Aqua Total Body Tabata
57.  Experience kickboard drills and skills - Standing, seated and side-lying - in Kickboard Circuits.
60.  Take away 3 ready-to-use stretch routines or combine all 3 into a full mind & body class in Stretch Fusion.
61.  Enjoy an epic library of 100 shallow-water moves that can be taught seamlessly in one class or used individually in Seamless Shallow.
62.  Explore an entire deep-water Tabata workout, complete with 8 rounds of intense drills in Aqua Tabata Deep.
63.  Take away 10 add-on combinations of deep water choreography targeting the core in Deep Core Challenge.
64.  Watch and learn some talking points or create a presentation in Why Water?: 10 Reasons to Exercise in the Water.
65.  Discover how to transform the noodle into a ballet barre for an aqua Pilates/Barre class in Peyow Funktional Barre.
66.  Take away 7 combinations for hand buoy choreography and planking & noodle toning (lower body and core) in Fluid Strength Combos.
67.  Explore senior-friendly choreography that can be used in both deep and shallow water in Sha-Deep Seniors.
68.  Learn noodle choreography for the core in reclined, neutral, suspended, prone, kneeling and side-lying positions in Noodle Core Mixes.
69.  Watch & learn 34 deep-water skills & drills in a 3-part workout:  1) wall work, 2) legs/core and 3) Pilates/hand buoys in S'Wet Deep.
70.  Take away 7 choreographed cardio combinations and 7 intense cardio drills in H2O Choreo to Go.
71.  Experience a high-energy aerobic routine that features noodle choreography in Noodle Cardio Mixes.
72.  Discover how to design an aqua routine that blends yoga, cardio and power moves into 'cool pool' workout in Liquid Flex & Flow.
73.  Explore an intense aqua boot camp workout split into 3 parts:  1) wall drills, 2) agility drills, 3) foam dumbbells in S'Wet Bootcamp.
74.  Learn how to blend bounded and grounded combinations into exciting hi-lo choreography for the pool in Liquid Hi-Lo.
75.  Develop a better understanding of music phrasing and tempos and learn how to match music to movement in Aqua Musicology.
76.  Watch & learn 10 exercise using the AquaSphere Ergo bells (foam dumbbells can be substituted) in Ergobell Workout.
77.  Take away ideas for creating more functional arm and leg patterns - both land & water in WECOACH:  Land & H2O.
78.  Experience the excitement when kickboxing choreography and high-energy drills are combined in Pool Kickboxing Classics.
79.  Learn how to design a dual circuit where exercises are performed first with equipment and then without in Circuit h2O.
80.  Take away 10 add-on combinations of deep water choreography in Deep Leverage.
81.  Learn how to create endless variations of base moves by changing the arms (including 30 different jacks) in Aqua Free: Part 1.
82.  Understand how to create endless variations of base moves by implementing travel & directional changes in Aqua Free: Part 2.
83.  Explore how to create endless variations of base moves by applying 6 different impact options in Aqua Free: Part 3.
84.  Listen, watch & learn how to create endless variations of base moves using changes in tempo in Aqua Free: Part 4.
85.  Discover how to create new moves by combining bases moves and then learn how to combine all in the series in Aqua Free: Part 5.
86.  Watch and learn how to create a routine that combines blocks of dual depth choreography and Tabata rounds in Dual Aqua.
87.  Take 10 powerful exercises performed in a high intensity interval format (HIIT) in Aqua X Power Workout.
88.  Experience a synchronized, deep-water acrobatic adventure and learn how to create 'vertical to horizontal' choreography in Aqua Vertizontal.
89.  Learn the basic punches of kickboxing and how to integrate them with aquatic base moves in Pool Punches.
90.  Discover how to create pyramid choreography and take away 5 combinations and 45-minutes of aqua fun in Aquatic Pyramids.
91.  Experience 10 powerful deep-water exercises targeting the core in a high intensity interval (HIIT) format in Aqua X Core.
92.  Explore a collection of various class-endings that include core, noodles, upper body, balance, mind & body and more in Aquatic Endings.
93.  Understand & learn the basics of creating choreography that can be performed simultaneously in deep & shallow water in Aqua 2 for 1.
94.  Watch & learn how to reinvent your final stretch segment into a flowing finale of yoga poses in Aqua Yoga Stretch.
95.  Explore choreography that layers intricacy and learn how to create a routine using the Layer Technique of instruction in Aquatic Layers.
96.  Learn how to combine 1 strength block using hand buoys, 1 intensity interval and 1 traveling combination into killer triads in Deep Triads.
97.  Develop a better understand of ab work using noodles and take away a noodle ab routine in Aqua Abs Noodle.
98.  Understand & learn all about add-on choreography and take away 10 add-on combinations for the shallow end in Aqua Add-it.
99.  Watch & learn how to create core choreography for any workout or as a cooldown in Cool Core Choreography.
100.  Take away an epic deep-water library of 100 creative moves in Seamless Deep.

Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.